Clipso - Avoir la Trait

Hairstyles with curls
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This hairstyles collection from the award winning Terry Calvert and the Clipso Artistic Team demonstrates their technical expertise and trend setting vision. The Avoir La Trait collection focuses on expensive, luxury-looking hair with lots of texture and movement.
This collection moves away from harsh lines and geometric shapes and introduces a more feminine, softer style. Avoir la Trait shows how to wear curls in a fresh and funky way for people with shorter length hair. By giving the curl more definition and structure then seen in boho wavy hairstyles, the Clipso Artistic Team capture the essence of this season's lust for high glamour but with an "undone" feel, so the hair doesn't look too dressed or stylized.
Terry explains, "Following the recent craze for bobs and crops, there will be lots of girls out there with short hair that are tired of wearing it in the same straight, sleek way. This image demonstrates how someone with a short layered bob can completely change their look to one of glamour with lots of movement and curl."

Flirty Curls

Ebony coils
Flirty curls weightless float upward in shiny ebony coils. As light as smoke rings, as sensual as black lace and as dramatic as haute couture. Love for luxury is translated to high style with a casual flavor, and a distinct edge comes with the shorter and denser body of hair that clings close to the head while the front and back explodes to one large and one smaller pouf of elegant opulence.

Pyramid Shaped Hair

Pyramid shape hairstyle
Dense and loose curls create the avantgarde pyramid shape for short hair with the wide part at jaw length. The mix of well-defined and deconstructed curls creates a highly interesting texture with the density increasing closer to the head. The hair color, a bright copper with bronze overtones, provides another layer of luxury appeal.

Short Hair with Long Spikes

Short hair with upward styling
Texture is the key player in this creation. The short haircut stands out with its varying lengths and intense texture and upward styling. All the motion of the thick chops instantly lifts the mood and boosts the attitude.
The sides feature long spikes that caress the cheekbones and a thick, textured fringe rises high to keep the face open and to continue the motion of the rest of the hair on the crown.

Mohawk Style

Mohawk look
A long mid section of lacy, fume like curls lifts up between the ultra short sides. The shaven look Mohawk style in contrast with the long opulence on top creates a distinct energy and unusual aspect of modern beauty.
It may take a little courage to wear this hairstyle, but it is guaranteed to leave an impression and take you to the top of the trend-meter.
Hairstyles: Terry Calvert and the Clipso Artistic Team
Styling: Lorraine Bailey
Make-up: Janet Francis
Photography: Martin Evening
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