Laetitia Guenaou - FW 14-15

Hair color effects
It's all about art in Laetitia Guenaou's fall and winter collection. The art of the cut, painted and stenciled hair color effects and beautiful styling of the four hairstyles are fancy and imaginative with some very new tricks.
Whether the hair is curly or sleek, color plays a major role to support the shapes, which also include the still trendy and variable undercuts. Luminous hues on graphic cuts feature the essence of pop art, tattoo and trompe-l'œil.

Radical Undercut

Short haircut with a radical undershave
It is so short that it could be called an undershave. Her pale skin is shining through the minimal golden fuzz underneath the sleek, old gold top hair. The short haircut boasts curved lines and fine graduation all over, even along the line of the very low side part and the diagonal bangs.
The smaller side is casually tugged behind the ear and reveals a little glimpse of the barely there hair underneath. Just imagine the cool alternative stylings that are possible with a cut like this!

Feathery Motion

Modern and feminine feathery short hair
Isn't it amazing how much some texture can change the character of a hairstyle and with that, your entire appearance? Less strict and still featuring the intriguing and edgy undercut, this short golden look thrills with boyish charm and modern feminine elegance. Laetitia Guenaou succeeded in combining opposites and raising a short cut to the highest levels in hair art.
Very fine highlights look so natural as if they were really just reflections of light. The trick is to find the perfect tone, just a few steps lighter than the base color.

Stencil Art

Hair color sprayed on the hair through a template or stencil
Hair color like a dream. These paints dye just the outside of the hair and can be washed out. You also might not want to move too much to not disrupt the intricate pattern. Shades of royal blue, pastel yellow and cream sickle orange are sprayed on the hair through a template.
The hair was first treated with a strong smoothing product to create this soft and even canvas. The cut is not even that important with such a display of real hair art, but it has its own intoxicating details like the long bangs with textured elements and a beautifully graduated neck.

Ray in Bangs

Chin length bob with volume
Deck the halls and bring some cozy light into your home. While doing that also consider a new illumination for your hairstyle to be ready for the holidays. This fluffy look is a dream bob with an enchanted play of hair color. Layers and a chin length make the volume appear almost by itself. With a loose styling and some ruffling it all turns extra soft.
The true finesse comes in with the color, which is a dark copper, gently and seamlessly lit up in from the center of the fringe to the sides in a shade just a few steps lighter than the original color.
Hairstyles: Laetitia Guenaou
Hair: Agata Kociolek, Jadwiga Bugaj, Coraline Gustave
Styling: Elena Ciuprina
Make-Up: Karolina Supernak assisted by Magdalena Tucznio
Photos: John Hennequin assisted by Cyril Gourdin