Nicole Ari Parker with Short Hair

Nicole Ari Parker with very short hair
Photo by PR Photos
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An incredibly beautiful photograph of Nicole Ari Parker is displayed for us on September 28, 2010 while she attended the Women Empowering Women Symposium Honoring Kristin Davis and herself; Nicole Ari Parker in Los Angeles.
They say that pictures can speak a thousand words and I believe it. From the picture alone of Nicole we can tell she is not only a confidant woman but one of strength and power. She is wearing her hair cropped up very short in a pixie cut with slithered ends that are gelled in different areas of the crown, along her nape and on the top.
For this ultra sophisticated look, apply a little gel between your fingers in small sections of your hair and before you know it, you are ready to walk out the door.
No muss and no fuss with Nicole's hairstyle. She has a super short fringe that is edged around her forehead, with the top that graduates into more length. There are generous amounts of reddish casts given in Nichole's hair that is quite attractive with her light green eyes.
Her makeup has liberal dustings of bronzing and her eyes have a coppery shadow with grey eyebrows. Light eyeliner, lashes and mascara and a flesh pink tone for her lips are completely magical on our girl. There are platinum gold earrings shaped as a leaf and she is wearing the most gorgeous color for an evening dress that could be called a satin copper brown.
Tip: If you will notice Nichole's overall hair, makeup and dress; everything on her falls into the warmer colors, with the exception of her eyebrows and eyelashes. Everything fits and flows together for her benefit. The coppery tones in her hair match her coppery eye shadow and then the copper brown dress. Considering the ingenuity of the artistic hand Nicole's look is over the top.
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