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Paul Gehring for ALCINA

Androgynous hairstyles with a big city feel were designed with the modern tomboy in mind. Expression in cut and color is intense. Hues are bright and clear, the hair full of excitement. All of the basic colors are present in blonde, brown, red and black. The strength and depth of each tone is maxed out with amazing brightness, intensity of hue and luminescence.
  • rockabilly upstyle
  • loose ponytail
  • long smooth hairstyle
  • long hairstyle with short bangs
  • orange curls
  • vintage updo with a quiff
  • black hair with silver streaks
  • short hair with purple streaks
  • light hair with dark roots
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The blonde cannot get blonder and the red reaches a warning level on the thermometer. More good news - black is back! Even though it is mellowed a bit with a touch of silver, raven black is having a dramatic comeback.
Mix and match the styles and colors to find out what is the best look for you!
video Hairstyles: Paul Gehring
Photos: ALCINA