Tomboy by Paul Gehring for ALCINA

Tomboy inspired big city hair styles
Androgynous hairstyles with a big city feel were designed with the modern tomboy in mind. Expression in cut and color is intense. Hues are bright and clear, the hair full of excitement. All of the basic colors are present in blonde, brown, red and black. The strength and depth of each tone is maxed out with amazing brightness, intensity of hue and luminescence.
The blonde cannot get blonder and the red reaches a warning level on the thermometer. More good news - black is back! Even though it is mellowed a bit with a touch of silver, raven black is having a dramatic comeback.
Mix and match the styles and colors to find out what is the best look for you! Click here to watch the video of this collection.

Tug and Roll

Girlish and retro rockabilly upstyle with a big knot
Girlish rockabilly upstyle with a smooth quiff
Retro updo inspired by the 50s
Girlish rockabilly upstyle with a smooth quiff
A bit girlish, a bit elegant and a whole lot of retro rockabilly make this unique upstyle such a show stealer. The most impressive part of it is the front, which was slung up to a large smooth quiff reminiscent of the famous 50s look for hot rebellious men.
A feminine counterbalance is created with the intricate know that sits high and in the back. The technique uses bands of hair of various sizes, which are then slung to a big knot which is then surrounded by another strand. No pins are visible anywhere!

Sultry Semi Open Hairstyle

Semi open hairstyle with curls and a loose ponytail
Hairstyle with a loose ponytail
Brown hair with lightened tips
Hair with layers and romantic curls
Sexy eyes and lips need a suitable hairstyle to shine. Long layers with an abundance of romantic curls are part open and part in a loose ponytail. The face is surrounded by the most alluring and playful texture with a soft fall and lightened tips.
The highlights come in a golden blonde and start halfway down the frontal length. From the ears back the hair is tied together very casually and keeps a good volume while adding great shape and control.

Layers and Modern Bangs

Long smooth hairstyle with layers and modern angled bangs
Long hairstyle with modern gently angled bangs
Long hairstyle with layers for a bob shape
Modern long hairstyle with a short fringe
The mastery of the cut is evident in all of the fine details. And details there are many. Starting with a shaping layering at mid-length which gives the top part an indicated bob shape. Round and smooth.
The bangs are cut in a gently angled but straight line and the kicker are the find strands that fall over the bangs in an even distance to each other. Each one thin as a fine paint brush and in a lighter blonde than the more golden base.
This work of fringe art is overlapped by a light and wide diagonal strand on the side. There is a lot going on in this unique long and smooth hairstyle!

Long Movement and Mini Bangs

Long hairstyle with short bangs and several blonde tones
Hairstyle with waves around the face
Long hair with several blonde tones
Long hairstyle with a very short mini fringe
Open your face and go retro at the same time with those adorable super short mini bangs. They appear even shorter after being curled in with a hot iron.
The flirtatious waves around her face and over her shoulders come in several blonde tones, which makes the color so very lively and luminous. To get this light flow thin individual strands were separated and accentuated with styling crème or hair wax.

Orange Curls

Orange hair with tiny curls and a round Afro shape
Short carrot copper hair with curls
Afro inspired hairstyle with curls for red hair
It does not get any bolder than this! A screaming color with the amazing, almost Afro texture composed of thousands of tiny curls. All is cut in a round shape with a touch more length on the top than in the back.
The carrot copper has very fine highlights to bring more light into the front, just above the eyes. The curls have a great definition and some of them are pulled out more than others and are emphasized with a tiny bit of product.

Modern Vintage Updo

Vintage updo with a 50s quiff and a striking copper hair color
Updo with rolled red hair
Upstyle for bright copper hair
Updo with a cute and playful touch
A hint for the 50s quiffs but even more for the high styles of a century ago, this vintage look makes a splash not only with its interesting shape, but mostly with the striking copper color of extreme intensity.
The structure on top was created by rolling the hair around foam inserts and pinning it into place. A few strands are pulled out in the back for a cute and playful touch.

Short and Black

Short black pixie hair with silver highlights
Black hair with silver streaks
Fashion pixie with a mix of black and gray hair colors
Pixiecut with a forward falling fringe
As invigorating as a cup of espresso and it even comes with a streak of moonlight. Black is making a comeback as a fashion hair color, but is lightened a bit with the silver highlights in the forward falling fringe.
The base cut is androgynous, but the soft flowing fringe and longer neck together with the fine texture and movement in styling make the pixie distinctly feminine.

Lavender Short Hair

Short hair with contrasting black, silver and purple colors
Silver hair with black roots
Hair with contrasting colors
Short hair with a purple hue
Feisty and with determination, this short look is styled with a bold texture that supports the strong and contrasting hair colors. The roots are black and quickly ease into a light silver color.
To warm it all up and bring a soft touch to the mix, the front was dyed with a transparent layer of purple. Straight and forward on the sides contrasts the smooth curve of the bangs.

Ravishing Short with Dark Roots

Radical short hairstyle
Silver hair color with dark roots
Ravishing short hair with backwards styling
Light hair color with dark roots
A hint of a blush brings warmth to the silver color with its dark roots. That much radical chic comes in a cool package of a short cut with a retro styling. The sides are styled back while the top hair explores new heights in a pretty curve.
Masculine with a distinct feminine side. Heavy eyeliner and blood red lips perfect the radical style.
Hairstyles: Paul Gehring
Photos: ALCINA