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Selina Chilton's Short Hair

Selina Chilton - Very short and easy hairstyle
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Selina Chilton attended the 2010 Inside Soap Awards in London on September 27, 2010 and wore her very short light brown hair sectioned off on the side and over with a bit of volume, leaving her forehead and temples completely untouched by any hair. Her hair was styled away from her face and over her ears leaving only the smallest bit to lace in front of her ears.
Selina's hairstyle is one of the easiest styles to do for yourself, after you apply your styling crème. Use a medium sized round brush, preferably an acrylic brush with air vents, however; brushes are like shoes, everyone has their personal preferences. Blow into the direction you desire. With Selina's hairstyle use a little bit of moisturizing gloss afterwards to bring out the lines and follow with a hairspray if needed. The more you practice and soon, you'll be using your hands instead of a brush to dry your hair.
Selina has a light makeup on, with light eyebrows, a taupe and light blended eye shadows, eyeliner and mascara. She tops her makeup off with a coral pink lip color.
Selina is wearing a gray dress that has a high ruffled collar. I can envision her in a sparkling magenta or royal blue long sleeved dress with a gorgeous matching scarf wrapped up around her neck and maybe a variegated headband.
Tip: if you have light fair skin with light hair, be careful about wearing too much gray, it could wash you out. With Selina's skin tones, if she wanted to go neutral; she would probably look best with greens or beiges, as it lend more color.
Selina Chilton with short hair and wearing a sleevelss silk blouse
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