Sylvie van der Vaart's Pixie

Sylvie van der Vaart with short hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Sylvie van der Vaart was seen at the world premiere of "Project Natal" for XBOX 360 in Los Angeles, California on June 13, 2010 and she literally knocked them dead wearing her rose pink strapless dress.
Her short hair was chopped in heavy layers that gave her the most delightful height that exposed her attractive oval face. The sides were about half way over her ears and were worn combed back with the exception of a small slip that rested in the middle of her ear. The nape area of her hair was naturally curled upwards and displayed the great charm of a razor cut.
Wash, blow dry and style with your hands, add a little bit of moisturizing styling crème, spritz and you are set.
Sylvie's great tan is just enough to give her lots of color and enables her to use bronzing. Her eyebrows are kept light, with an ash color for an eye shadow, heavy eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Her lips are coated with a white lip color as is the trend today.
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