Hair Trends by Salon De Legge

Targeted hair coloring
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Salon De Legge - Opole - Poland has enjoyed the distinction of being voted by Goldwell as one of the top 5 hair salons in Poland. The salon launches hair collections every year at the Polish National Hair Show, followed with photo shoots and press releases with publications like Passion, Clips, Salon and other magazines throughout the world. De Legge European Salon in Asheville brings an international flair to North Carolina.
Here we see three views and two style variations of a single base cut. The cut itself is shoulder-length with an angled cut line at the bottom edge which is textured to soften and give a gentle curve to the line. The top section is cut into an overlapping, extended fringe with steep angles and geometric shaping.
These lines and angles are enhanced and dramatized by the use of targeted coloring techniques to create mirroring lines to emphasize and compliment the cutting lines of the hairstyle.
In the last photos below we see a razor-cut style that features a chin-length fringe and targeted blonde color to accentuate the fringe area. The shoulder-length hair is further highlighted by panels of blonde color on the outer layers of the hair which create a visually interesting effect as the hair moves.

Styled for Smoothness

Hair with healthy shine and styled for smoothness
Hairstyle with an angled parting and angle-cut fringe
Here the hair is styled for smoothness and a healthy shine and finish. The hair is parted with an angled parting which divides the angle-cut fringe over the left eye. These photos show two views of the same style of the cut to give a full perspective of the total look.

Cascade of Texture

Hairstyle with a curled nape and targeted color segments
This photo gives a new styling element to the cut to create a whole new look. The lower crown and nape areas of the head are styled with curl which is then backcombed for lift and volume to create a softer but structured cascade of texture in the style. This enhances the silhouette and grants additional visual interest to the style.
The targeted hair color segments also add to the definition of the volumized hair by creating interspersed color-curls in the hair.

Partial Updo

Partial updo with a play of color
This photo shows the hair styled into a partial updo which forms a conical twist in the top section. The right side is swept upward and across the crown section while the nape and left side sections are left to fall in a softly, straight style. Note the play of color in the twisted and upswept portions of the hair.

Array of Hair Color Variance

Smooth hairstyle with hair color variance
Hair with a drawn back top section
This photo shows another style that is not precisely an up-style but features the top section drawn back to the crown and confined. The styling of the hair is smooth and free-moving, except of course for the confined portions of the hair.
The top section that is drawn back splits a panel of lightened hair in the fringe section. The overall effect of the styling variations is to give a surprising array of color variance in the finished style.

Panel Hair Coloring

Straight hair with panel coloring
This photo shows the hair styled straight. The hair is likely blown-out and ironed to create smooth, yet mobile locks of hair. The straight styling emphasizes the panel coloring and helps to provide a basis upon which many variations can be constructed.
Hairstyles: Jola De Legge & Dawid Klimek
Hair Salon: Salon de Legge - Opole & Asheville
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