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Vintage Today by Framesi

  • vintage pixie
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  • pixie and turtleneck
  • timeless short hairstyle
  • bob with curls
  • layered hair with curls
  • vintage updo
  • clean male cut
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The 60s and 70s were two of the most prolific and progressive decades that the modern world has ever seen. It was during this time that the biggest and most successful breakthroughs for gender equality, race equality and extreme poverty relief were celebrated.
In addition to this, impeccable style and glamour was also part of the every day lifestyles of even middle classed people. It was also during this time that most of the style and couture foundations that we still use today were articulated.
Style muses included Barbra Streisand, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, as well as James Dean, Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando. This was a time where excessiveness and intensity was rendered ordinary, and anything was possible.
The sky was the limit, and this was typified by the over-the-top and impossibly glamorous hairstyles and couture of these eras. Whispers of this glittering time still reverberate along the foundational lines of contemporary fashion to this very day. And quite possibly will do so into the hazy mists of infinity.
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