Collection 1 by HAIRLOUNGE-KL

Transformation, variation and just plain fun with hair is the key theme of this collection and gets us excited about all of the possibilities we have with our own hair. Get inspired by the great styles in all lengths and natural colors. Long hair one day, a new styling the next.
Boredom with hair will be a thing of the past. Enjoy the new upstyles that actually make the hair look as if it was a shorter cut. Retro or romantic, all of the new Hairlounge-KL looks are ravishingly feminine, playful and inspiring.

Retro Glam

Long blonde hair with curly tips
Long hair with a center part and symmetry
Long hair with movement in the tips
Look like a 1980s television star! All is back from the feathered sides to the bright lipstick. Go glam with long blonde hair, waved to utter luxuriousness, highlighted in all the right places and full of luscious movement and volume. A curling iron will be your best friend to recreate this sexy look.
Keep the balance with a center part and symmetry on both sides. The hair is long and layered sparingly but with a strategy. Most movement is just around the face and in the curly tips.

Band of Hair

Hairstyle with a smooth band of hair
Hairdo with a hairband and bobby pins
This is a true "hairband" created just out of her own hair with a whole lotta hairpins! All you need is a little package of bobby pins and a little time. A thin strand as wide as a pin is long was separated and brushed smooth. One after the other the hair was then pinned right at the hairline.
There is no rule which way the pins should point, get creative and let them overlap, touch each other and form a wild pattern. The rest of the hair is all fluffy and free with soft volume. A great look between casual and fancy that will have people looking twice.

Brunette Bangs

Long brunette hair with long bangs
Keep it shiny and smooth! Another classic with long, bold bangs and a timeless flair. Late 70s rock resonates through this brunette masterpiece of simplicity. The length provides a serene and relaxed vibe, while the color adds depth and fire to the hair.
A few layers soften the edges along the front and the fringe has a gentle curve to follow the shape of her eyes. If you want to see what else the layers are good for, check out the next look!

Long and Short

Updo to mimic short hair
It may look like a cool short haircut, but in fact it is an updo created from the smooth long look, which you saw just a moment ago. This is a great way to beat the summer heat and to look festive with just a tiny little effort. Except for the layered strands that frame the face, all of the hair is taken to the back and up.
You can either wear it as a chignon, banana roll or just clip it with a barrette The front is dominated by the beautiful bold bangs with the curve that exactly follows the shape of her eyes. Now the texture of her front layers comes into play with its stylish jagged but soft line.

Classic Long with Bangs

Bangs that follow the upper line of the eyes
Classic style for long blonde hair
A classy classic with cult status. Everything about his hairstyle is soft. The styling, the color and the cut. A long fringe follows the upper line of her eyes and is long enough to touch her eye lashes.
The bottom cutting line is also rounded and the hair plunges in silky soft smoothness all the way to her shoulder blades. Her hair color is a creamy beige blonde that corresponds extremely well with her skin tone.

Straight and Tapered

Straight hair with tapered sides
Long and smooth tapered hairstyle
It does not get any straighter than this. Long, smooth and silky with a centerpart and tapered sides. The finesse is evident in the details. The shortest hair reaches chin length and gives her face a frame like a classic bob. This is the warm up for a beautiful ongoing length and the steep angle of the tapered hair on both sides.
In the back her hair reaches almost to the bottom part of her shoulder blades. The geometry of its architecture and the natural dark blonde color of her hair make this a contemporary look with all of the chic that matches your little black dress.

From Long to Bob

Updo that looks like a bob
The updo that looks like a medium long bob is created from the previous style with its gorgeous tapered sides. Now the back and some of the side hair is pulled up and shaped into a little chignon or a roll.
Emphasis is on styling in the front where there is now a side part and a loose, elegant long fringe, gently curved to the left. Longer strands accentuate the face by forming an oval frame for it. Believe it or not, but there is yet another styling option to come!

Curly Ends

Long tapered hair with curled tips
The elegant flair of the sleek surface of her long hair can only be intensified by adding one more classic touch to it. Curls. Just along the edges and in the tips is enough to set the tone for a more romantic mood.
With the part on the side, her long bangs swing beautifully to one side. The tapered line is full of motion with a soft dance of her curved and curled tips, that give her hair a beautiful new dimension and lively bounce.

Bob with a Secret

Long hair pinned up to look like a bob
Things are not always what they seem to be, or what they look like from one angle of view. What some think is a beautiful bob hairstyle is in fact long hair lifted up and pinned to an updo but with a few tricks along the way.
The lengths are soft and fall vertically to a level between her chin and shoulders. Then the hair is gently curved back up and fastened in the back. From the front you only see the soft lines, a few free strands and, of course, the beautifully curled up bangs, feathered out to one side.

Ruffles and Fluffy Hair

Long bouncy hair with curls
Big hair with curls
Big hair, bouncy and frothy with enthusiasm for volume and curls is coming back with all of the nostalgic flair that you can handle. If you are not into ruffled outfits with Victorian lace, you can still be inspired by the immensity and beauty of her hair.
Especially with a natural curl you have the perfect disposition for these great looks. Use curl enhancing products like a special mousse to improve what is already there. The long bangs are simply curved back, but with a good amount of lift to continue the theme of big volume also on top.

Elegant Long Evening Look

Long hair with waves and curls in the tips
Less detail and larger curls create a smaller silhouette, but it boasts elegance like no other. The center parted hair flows way below her shoulders with separated and well defined large waves that turn into curls in the tips. A smoothing serum helps with the slick shine and the supple texture of the hair without any static or stray fly-aways.
Not a single hair obstructs her face, instead the pampered mane creates the most beautiful frame in a color that matches her eyes, so that all is in perfect harmony and timeless beauty.

Hippie Look with a Hairband

Hippie look with a braided hairband
Unleashed curls, liberated volume and above all a hairband across her forehead qualify this gorgeous mass of hair to fall into the popular hippie, boho category. The decorative braid is created out of her own hair, which gives it even more finesse.
Just grab a finger thick strand of hair and braid it long enough to reach over to the other side, where it is then invisibly tugged in and pinned. The natural shape of her waves is enhanced by some heavy scrunching of the hair with her hands and a dollop of curl enhancing and preserving mousse.

Layered Hair with Variations

Medium length hair with a tapered nape
Sassy and full of energy, these layers are made to bewitch. The generous length of the bangs and all of the movement in the hair makes it very sexy and feminine. Of course there is no lack of volume which is boosted by a strong, natural wave.
To give all of that glorious mass of hair a good shape, the back is tapered in the nape and a few long layers make the hair swing with lightweight bounce.

Elegant Asymmetry

Updo for medium length hair
This beautiful twist on the medium length cut seen in the previous hairstyle uses asymmetry to make its elegant mark. After parting the hair deep on one side it is pulled back tightly and shaped into a simple chignon or a French roll. All of the hair is used except for the long bangs and some extra brushed into the face from the back on the crown.
The fringe itself shows an intriguing pattern of playfully waved strands that twist and wrap around each other. The hair itself has much dimension and sparkling interest with dark and lighter brown strands.

Flip Style

60s flip hairstyle
Medium 1960s hairstyle with an outward roll
The 60s brought us the Beatles, lava lamps and the flip. There were many ways to create this stylish hairstyle. Today's made over flip keeps all of the main elements from its famous ancestor - the long bangs, the soft volume and of course the outward roll of the hair around the lower perimeter.
The silhouette is a touch softer today and no heavy gels are used to hold the hair in shape. Rollers or a hot curling iron will bring the right swing into your hair and won't do any harm if the hair is pre-treated with special heat styling products. Finish with a glossy hairspray and don't forget the perfect eyeliner!

Summer Upstyle

Upstyle with a loose bun in the nape
Updo with sleek bangs
Use the flip hairstyle as your base for this light and fresh upstyle. Perfect for a cool neck on hot spring and summer days. The curve of the flip comes in handy now to create the sweet curly texture of the loose bun in the nape.
The bangs and top section are as sleek as ever and now the fine highlights add to the impression of dynamic movement in the hair.

Even Bob

Curved bob with a sleek finish
Same length all around and a sleek finish make this bob so precious. It is a brunette gem of beautiful minimalism. Its sole purpose seems to be to make her face as beautiful as possible with a gently curved, oval frame around her features.
The shape leans towards the front which is enhanced by an angled and low layering in the back. This cut out wedge creates the impression of a permanent curve in the hair and a forward direction of the hair similar to the A-line cut. If you want a bit more of vavavoom in your short bob, check out the alternate styling next.

Nostalgic Waves

Hair with waves in a water wave pattern
Reinvented 1920s hairstyle with sumptuous waves in a water wave pattern. Curly ends and the even shape with its slight A-line also contribute to a most festive, pampered and luxurious expression. Wear it for a posh night out and with your best string of pearls.
The waves can be created with a traditional set of wave clips or with a modern hot iron. Add extra power to the curled tips and while the waves are smooth and connected, the curls are distinct.