Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion

Collection 1 by HAIRLOUNGE-KL

  • long hair with curly tips
  • band of hair
  • brunette with long bangs
  • updo to mimic short hair
  • classic long blonde hair
  • straight and tapered long hair
  • updo that looks like a bob
  • tapered hair with curly ends
  • hair pinned to look like a bob
  • hair with bouncy curls
  • elegant long hair
  • hippie look
  • layered medium length hair
  • updo with asymmetry
  • 60s flip hairstyle
  • summer upstyle
  • sleek bob
  • nostalgic water waves
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Transformation, variation and just plain fun with hair is the key theme of this collection and gets us excited about all of the possibilities we have with our own hair. Get inspired by the great styles in all lengths and natural colors. Long hair one day, a new styling the next.
Boredom with hair will be a thing of the past. Enjoy the new upstyles that actually make the hair look as if it was a shorter cut. Retro or romantic, all of the new Hairlounge-KL looks are ravishingly feminine, playful and inspiring.