Pics of the Newest Short Hairstyles (32)

Getting a new short haircut and maybe trying a new hair color will definitely get you noticed. Short hair is cool and quirky. If you’re ready to take the plunge and chop your hair off, keep reading for some great short hair inspiration!
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  • Short hairstyle with spikes and a soft appearance
  • Short blonde hair with gray streaks
  • Short haircut with hair styled across the eyes
  • Copper color hair with high lift and curls
  • Short hairstyle inspired by 1920s flapper girls
  • Just above the collar haircut for women
  • Short blunt cut hair with magenta red colors
  • Modern short hairdo with styling towards the face
  • Female haircut with a short nape and a helmet shape
  • Short jaw length bob with blunt over the eyebrows bangs
  • Simple above the ears hairstyle for women
  • Short haircut with a strong sculpted shape
  • Short Amelie look haircut with blunt bangs
  • Reddish blonde hair cut into a bob with bangs
  • 1940s inspired short hairstyle with one curly side
  • Short haircut with a full and round silhouette
  • Over the ears haircut with a cropped up nape
  • Short hairstyle with a clipper cut nape section
  • Pixie cut with layers and tapered sides and back
  • Sharp lip-length bob and a multi-tonal hair color
  • Short blow-out hairstyle with a lot of movement
  • Short hairstyle with full-forward bangs and a lot of volume
  • Vintage Marlene Dietrich inspired hairstyle with curls and waves
  • Concave bob haircut with elongated forward lengths
  • Pixie cut with very short bangs and out-turned ends
  • Short blonde bob that softens the face
  • Bi-level bob haircut with strong cutting lines
  • Short blonde crop with long bangs and a side part
  • Very short platinum blonde hair with a shaved nape
  • more short hairstyles

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