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Rogue Hair, Belfast

Jody and Karen explain the look that caught the judge's eye and clinched them a place in the Grand Final; "Our work with local retailers at Belfast Fashion Week led us to a designer called Isobel De Pedro and the "Mr Cat" range. Her designs really appealed to our vision. We also found inspiration in architecture and as a result, incorporated structure and geometric lines into our haircut."
Rogue from Belfast takes a bow for their blaze of short reddish blonde hair fully equipped with thin slices of darker red. The flush of exhilaration was felt when noticing the blunted bangs were cut into a point bringing a surreal space age reality to the whole scene. The high coiffed bob in the back moved around to the sides and under the ears.
Bob for reddish blonde hair - Rogue Hair
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Photo Credits: L'Oréal Professionnel
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