Short Hairstyles Photo Gallery (23)

Are you bored of your old hairstyle or would you like to refresh your look? Feeling adventurous? Feeling the urge to chop your hair off? Looking for hair inspiration? Lots of short hair ideas are waiting for you down below, so keep scrolling. Some hairstyles are real gems!
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  • Short haircut with a buzzed neck section for women
  • Short and smooth undercut hair with a droplet shape
  • Light and maintenance free short hairstyle
  • Almost chin length bob with layers and much texture
  • Short hairstyle with a long neck section and influences of punk
  • Nostalgic short haircut with a pointed neckline
  • Haircut with layers for short curly hair
  • Long pixie cut with a soft and smooth finish
  • Modern bob cut with box layers and full-volume styling
  • Glamorous styling with large curls for a short bob
  • Short haircut with sleek lines and layering
  • Pixie cut with long side bangs for red hair
  • Short low maintenance haircut with point cut bangs
  • Woman with very short hair that clings to the head
  • Red hair cut to a short punky haircut with spikes
  • Short razor cut hair with sophistication
  • Short layered haircut with curls and a 1960s feel
  • Short hairstyle with layers and a diagonally styled fringe
  • Bob cut with flipped-out ends and face-framing layers
  • Bob hairstyle with a forward swing and slightly curving bangs
  • Short hairdo with waves and a rounded silhouette
  • Longish pixie cut with hair that brushes the cheeks and eyebrows
  • Short hairstyle with a wispy strand that enhances the neckline
  • Extravagant short hair with layers and strong colors
  • Short cheek caressing hair wide side swept bangs
  • Sleek short bob with sharp lines and a glossy finish
  • Smooth pixie hairstyle with a side parting
  • Pixie cut with razored ends and long bangs
  • Short haircut with one side lifted up
  • more short hairstyles

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