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Gallery Edition

Farouk Systems Hairstyles Collection

Hair as a canvas, hairstyling the art form that transforms our gifts of nature into works of sheer beauty.
Inspired by classic and modern art as well as by nature the Farouk Systems Stylist turn their inspiration into wearable sculptures.
  • long hairstyle with curls
  • stylish updo
  • shimmering long hair
  • curls falling freely
  • versatile fashion haircut
  • short layered trend haircut
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The model becomes the muse and the brushstrokes of the Farouk Artistic Team are made in the tradition and with the philosophy of the old masters like Monet and DaVinci. The special CHI color formula by Farouk Systems is the medium of choice. CHI Ionic colors are free of ammonia and allow for superior blending and mixing colors and therefore the utmost in "hairtistic" freedom.
Attention to detail and a vision of greatness are the ingredients to any creation that is to become a timeless work of art.
The Gallery Edition features luxurious hairstyles based on softly textured cuts complimented by inspired coloring techniques that play with the light and the imagination.
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