Autumn-Winter 08-09 by Gandini Club

Remarkable hairstyles
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The collection for autumn & winter from the artists of the Gandini Club Team is a study in movement and texture. Curls are used to frame the face, add body and diffuse boredom in large, sweeping waves and precisely carved pin curls.
For the most part, the color palette for the season is natural, with soft dimensional highlighting and a "glow" as opposed to a "glossy finish" in the hair. Even the hairstyles with bolder colors use tones and shades that are on the milder side of the spectrum.
Classic shapes are transformed with texturing elements, and the styles seem inspired by seasonal elements: fall colors and visual patterns seen in wintry trees and wind-blown snowdrifts. No matter their inspiration, the styles are remarkable and unlike many collections, most are suited for everyday wear.

Party Hairstyle

Party hairstyle with curls and red highlight color
Fun and funky are the watchwords for this party-ready style in which the hair is sleekly swathed across the scalp to the fringe and left side. From here the lengths are separated and sculpted into looping rolls, dividing the hair specifically to isolate the spicy red highlight color.
The carefully crafted curls vary in size to grant an organic feel to the structured look, and the finished effect is one of carefully controlled randomization - and the creation of an ornamental laurel to crown the head.

Bob with Flipped-out Ends

Bob with flipped-out ends and an angled cut line
We have here what appears to be a redirected bob with flipped-out ends. The redirection comes as the hair appears to be combed forward and cut with an angled cut line to create face-framing layers. The ends of the hair are textured to lighten the weight of the ends and styled with sharp outward curves.
The hair is blown-out using texturing product and a round brush to create the desired bend. The ends can be defined using styling wax or paste for a carefully finished look.

Bob with a Forward Swing

bob directed forward
Similar to the previous hairstyle, this bob is unusual in its redirection. The hair is primarily directed forward, and the fringe area is cut in a slight curving direction around the brows. The ends of the length are finely textured and styled to swing forward.
The style is finished with a satiny glow that shows off the warm richness of the coffee brown tresses and the subtle interplay of the highlighting.

Hair Sculpture

Hair sculpture with tendrils
This is another of the highly structured and seasonally inspired hairstyles constructed from a long-layered base cut. The sides and crown area are tightly wound into cables that connect the top/fringe area, right nape and the end sections.
These "connected" zones are styled so to present an impression of organic fractal design, like the bare branches of a winter forest. The twisting turns of the tendrils are defined and held firm for an immensely structured look. This is hair sculpture as much as styling.

Full-volume Hairstyle

Short hair with bouncy waves and full-volume styling
In this short style we revisit the cut shown in photo three; only this time the styling focuses on a full-volume approach. Mid-sized rollers are used to create lots of softness and bouncy waves in the hair, turning the textured ends into a fluffy, rounded silhouette.
The new wave pattern serves to soften the color and redistribute the subtle highlighting evenly throughout the hair.

Longish Pixie

Longish pixie with feathered styling and lift at the scalp
Here we see a longish pixie cut - heavily textured using a razor tool - shot through with shimmering highlights and warm mid-tones. The layers are styled into a feathered skullcap that brushes the brows and cheeks to frame the face softly.
The hair is styled with lift at the scalp for extra volume, and light-weight pomade is dabbed on with the fingertips to create definition and separate the slices into multi-tonal feathers.

Sleek Up-style

Sleek up-style with spiraling pin-curls
Here we see our model from photo four once more sporting a heavily structured style. This smooth, sleek up-style is crafted in hair toned with a pale golden hue, and is a confection of spiraling pin-curls mounted on a topknot/fez-like cylinder with a fall of hair curving inward at the crown.
The style brings to mind the burnished gold ornaments of filigree and ribbon that grace packages and tree boughs.

Free-flowing and Soft

Softly styled and free-flowing long hair
Free-flowing and softly styled, we have a long-layered haircut with a satiny finish to the soft waves that frame the face. The long fringe brushes the nose and sweeps across to create the large curve that doubles back on the sides to accentuate the cheek and jaw.
The hair color is a soft fawn-like beige-blonde with a few subtle highlights. The hair is parted to the left side with a forward-aimed invisible parting. A simple blow-out with a brush, followed by a light misting of hairspray to soothe any fly away strands.
Hairstyles: Gandini Club Team
Styling: Silvia Cicchetti
Make-up: Stefania Pellizzaro
Photography: Paulo Renftle
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