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Gandini Club

Collection Autumn-Winter 08-09

The collection for autumn & winter from the artists of the Gandini Club Team is a study in movement and texture. Curls are used to frame the face, add body and diffuse boredom in large, sweeping waves and precisely-carved pin curls.
For the most part, the color palette for the season is natural, with soft dimensional highlighting and a "glow" as opposed to a "glossy finish" in the hair. Even the hairstyles with bolder colors use tones and shades that are on the milder side of the spectrum.
  • hairstyle for a party
  • bob hairstyle with flipped-out ends
  • bob directed forward
  • seasonally-inspired hairstyle
  • short hairdo with volume
  • pixie-cut
  • spiraling pin-curls
  • softly styled long hair
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Classic shapes are transformed with texturing elements and the styles seem inspired by seasonal elements: fall colors and visual patterns seen in wintry trees and wind-blown snowdrifts. No matter their inspiration, the styles are remarkable and unlike many collections, most are suited for everyday wear.
Hairstyles: Gandini Club Team
Styling: Silvia Cicchetti
Make-up: Stefania Pellizzaro
Photography: Paulo Renftle