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Top Model Coiffure

Collection Fall Winter 08-09

For the cooler season Top Model Coiffure turns up the heat with seductive, incredibly feminine, highly sophisticated hairstyles. Leaving all the deliberately messy and fringy looks far behind, the new hair takes off in polished splendor.
The inspiration spans centuries. Digging deep into history the creative Top Model team came up with glamorous updos that remind of Marie Antoinette. Large curls bring up a flavor of the glory of old Hollywood and a pinch of the 60's and 80's is obvious in long, sleek but voluminous looks. Curls are well defined and meticulously shaped. The hair is long and opulent with lots of volume on top. Emphasis is on definition and clear, clean lines.
  • polished updo with a crown
  • opulent hairdo with a tiara
  • glamorous bob hairstyle with large curls
  • hair rolled in large curls
  • blonde hair styled into corkscrew curls
  • hair styled into cork-screw curls
  • ruby color for hair
  • hair colored indigo blue
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The hair colors are pure bright. Top Model makes no compromises. The range is from icy platinum blond to deep reds and even unusual colors like a full royal blue. The colors resemble rare gems and the shine is soft, transparent and elegant.
The new collection makes every woman feel like royalty. She can be the Queen of her own world. By looking precious, she will feel good about herself and spread the radiance.
Hairstyles: Top Model Coiffure - France
Photography: Sandra Fourqui