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Jack Holt Coiffure

Collection Fall Winter 08-09

The life of a woman has many facets, challenges, celebrations, revolutions and glamorous moments. With one model, Jennyfer, known from Anti-Flirt and Victoria Casal Couture, the Holt team shows us a collection of hairstyles that are fit for every situation in a woman's life. These looks range from feisty and rebellious to sporty and sensual. Each style is feminine and glamorous.
  • elegant updo
  • long cascading hair
  • timeless haircut
  • short hair with 80s inspiration
  • low maintenance haircut
  • haircut with punk elements
  • nostalgic haircut
  • intricate curls
  • nostalgia hairdo
  • disobient long hair
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There are three main characteristics in the new collection:
The collection also proves that it is not only blondes who have the most fun. Brunette is the word of the day and the season. Rich browns with hints of honey or rubies fill a palette with luscious deep and intense colors with amazing shine.
1. Expressive short haircuts that come either styled straight and neat or highly textured. All of them are flattering, versatile and low maintenance.
2. Eye catching glamour, that brings luxury and shine to brighten up every day and every woman.
3. Cascading curls bouncing in elegant abundance, sexy, extravagant and always sophisticated.
The new line invites women to play with the possibilities. To take herself to the limit of expression. To find her feminine strength and to proudly show it.
Hairstyles: Jack Holt Coiffure
Photography: Sandra Fourqui