Fall Winter 08-09 by Jack Holt

Low maintenance hairstyles
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The life of a woman has many facets, challenges, celebrations, revolutions and glamorous moments. With one model, the Holt team shows us a collection of hairstyles that are fit for every situation in a woman's life. These looks range from feisty and rebellious to sporty and sensual. Each style is feminine and glamorous.
There are three main characteristics in the new collection. The collection also proves that it is not only blondes who have the most fun. Brunette is the word of the day and the season. Rich browns with hints of honey or rubies fill a palette with luscious deep and intense colors with amazing shine.
1. Expressive short haircuts that come either styled straight and neat or highly textured. All of them are flattering, versatile and low maintenance.
2. Eye catching glamour, that brings luxury and shine to brighten up every day and every woman.
3. Cascading curls bouncing in elegant abundance. Extravagant and always sophisticated.
The new line invites women to play with the possibilities. To take herself to the limit of expression. To find her feminine strength and to proudly show it.

Wedding Updo

Sleek updo for weddings with the hair pulled into a banana roll
Minimalistic sophistication and sparkling elegance are the attributes of this sleek and shiny updo. The look is perfect for weddings, at the opera or whenever you feel that you need that special kind of glamour.
The hair is pulled into a banana roll and has some teased volume on top of the head. The hair is smooth and well controlled with shine and smoothing serums. Decorate with your favorite accessories.

Luxurious Long Hair

Luxurious long hair cascading down the side of the face
Luxurious long locks cascade down the side of the face and over the shoulders with extreme sleekness and shine. The rich and chocolaty delight of a color is vibrant, mysterious and seductive.
The upper third of the hair is sleek and the full curls become stronger towards the ends. Smoothing serum keeps rebellious strands at bay and turns the hair into an Oscar worthy performance.

Rejuvenating Hairstyle

Rejuvenating medium length hairstyle with a play of colors
The perfect geometry of the cut is of timeless beauty. Simplicity equals precious elegance with this look. The medium length hairstyle is rejuvenating and spiced up with a simple but elaborate play of colors.
The lower sections on the sides are colored in a glowing copper that perfectly blends with the espresso brown base color.

Easy to Maintain Hairstyle

Easy to maintain short hair that was cut with a razor
A slightly asymmetrical look with inspiration from the 1980s. The short hair was cut with a razor to create extra texture. It is parted on the side and the bangs curve full and soft across the face.
The longer side sports some large curls and subtle light effects are sprinkled over the style. This look is very easy to maintain and looks great every day and at every occasion.

Modern Low-maintenance Hair

Modern low-maintenance hair for women
Purity in shape and color that comes with low maintenance for the modern urbanite, who has a full agenda, but also a strong sense for sophisticated fashion.
The short hair is layered throughout encircling the face in soft textured lines. It flows wispily around the head with its center high on the crown. The hair color is a rich, dark chocolate.

Long Neck Section

haircut with punk elements
Elements of rockabilly and punk have come together and grew up to be a highly glamorous and alluring hairstyle. Cut with a razor and masterful skill the different lengths and the layers give this short haircut a unique definition.
Especially eye catching are the long and pointed bangs, the sideburns and the long neck. The hair is styled straight and shiny.

Tapered Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyle with a tapered back for a pointed neckline
A nostalgic yet modern short hairstyle that is influenced by several decades. The best of the 20s meets the Beatles and gets a dose of the 80s to lighten things up.
A perfectly round silhouette is achieved with a perfect cutting technique that lets the hair run in a straight line from one ear to the other.
The tapered back forms a pointed neckline. The hair is styled sleek and glows with extreme shine.

Glamorous Long Hair

Glamorous hairstyle with long curls and a partition in the middle
The opulence of old Italy is brought back with those long and intricate curls. The partition in the middle lets the hair fall in a symmetrical balance. The hair is straight in the upper half and shaped like shiny baroque wings on each side, the ends turn into welldefined curls. A glamorous style that forms a noble frame around the face.

Bob with Curled Ends

Nostalgic hair with a bob that was curled at the ends
Like a sweet memory of times gone by. Nostalgia comes alive and rejuvenated with modern techniques for cutting and coloring as well as nourishing the hair to its shiny splendor. A same length bob was parted on the side and curled at the ends, lifting the hair up to a trapeze shaped contour. Honey and caramel highlights were applied to the dark chocolate base color.

Disorderly Styled Long Hair

Long hair styled in a disorderly and disobedient way
Feline grace comes through every strand of this well designed mane. A rather graphical fringe cools down the smoldering heat of the highly textured body of hair. The long tresses are disorderly, disobedient and absolutely beautiful like a graceful creature of the wild nature.
The hair is teased, curled and kneaded into its shape. Chunky hazel highlights are another modern touch.
Hairstyles: Jack Holt Coiffure
Photography: Sandra Fourqui
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