Urban by Mikel Luzea

Hair inspired by street fashion
Who needs boxes unless they come with a bow and a gift inside? Mikel Luzea takes us out of the box and into a new stream of hairstyling that redefines shapes and challenges conventions. Plays with lengths and textures are used to break up familiar patterns and all is tinted in the most invigorating shades of blonde, brown and red colors.
Straight or curly, short and long - you will find your preferred length of hair in this collection and perhaps a new idea to freshen up your look. Urban stands for modern looks that were inspired by street fashion in the metropolises of the world. The collection is funky, youthful and too much fun to miss.

Electric Highlights

Brown hair with varying lengths and  highlights
Don't wait until lightning strikes. You will be thrilled enough with the electrifying highlights of this multi faceted hairstyle. The texture goes wild in the cut with a variety of lengths, jagged edges, sharp points and feathering.
An almost orange copper flashes with no competition on a dark brown base color. The hair was pulled straight for which a styling iron can be a good tool, if your hair has a more wavy structure. Some of the ends wisp out on the sides and the fringe was separated diagonally. Have a party in your hair!

Spikes and Stripes

Short hair standing up and styled into spikes
Combination of blonde and copper hair
An almost blinding combination of blonde and the most intense copper creates this amazing light show in the hair. The color play is concentrated in the fringe, as the rest of the short hair is impressive by its spiky texture alone.
The back and the sides are cut super short with a slight progression in length towards the top, where some gel and spray keep the hair standing up. The fringe flows out of the center of the crown like a fiery petal and smoothes itself to the side of her face. A statement of a haircut made to be seen.

Step in the Bangs

Hair cut with a step in the fringe
Hair with a modern cutting line
Take a step to hair courage. With this two level fringe you are definitely defying mainstream and show your extravagant self. The rest of the hair is balanced on each side, but with much texture in the ends.
This results in a soft, but gently jagged effect that transforms the cutting line to modern and edgy design. An outrageous color like the super hot copper which intensifies with more red along the edges turns precious with golden sprinkles in thin strands among the rest of the fire.

Short Bob with Texture

Short bob haircut with texture and a diagonal fringe
Overlapping streaks of brown and red hair colors
A short A-line Bob is styled straight to show of the great mix of hair colors. Dark brown and a warm red take turns in wide and overlapping streaks to put some heat into the hair. The shape is based on a timeless classic, but freshened up with a diagonal fringe and much texture all over.
A brush with a twist of the hands makes the hair flow forward and it is a great touch to ruffle the sleek surface slightly. Use smoothing products to ensure all that shine on the supple surface.

Straight and Curly Contrast

Lonog hairstyle with a contrast of curls and a thick straight fringe
This one will make you look twice. Long curls are brought together with a thick, long and straight fringe. The hot contrast gives the hairstyle a special edge. Shiny earth tones of walnut, amber and honey bring depth and dimension together with an irresistible shine.
The hair is layered from the cheekbones down to keep it light and to allow the curls to spring up this lightly and full. Scrunch it with mousse and your fingers until you have the texture that you want.

Short Hair for Men

Short hair with highlights for men
Men's hair can be contemporary, while maintaining a classic line. His short crop lengthens slightly from the sides to the top and has a neat and clean outline. The fun comes in with a lot of texture and a few longer strands on the side of the crown. These are emphasized with a few rays of highlights in blonde as a distinct contrast to his dark brown hair.
It is styled upward and with a slight pull into the face but there are many more options. Gel makes it all happen and there are no limits to imagination. So go ahead and experiment!

Feathery Fringe in the Face

Cool hairstyle with a long fringe for men
He does not need to wear this pirate shirt to make hearts flutter, but it does intensify the effect that his outrageously cool hairstyle already has. Let's go wild with the fringe. Cut with much precision and styled to be wild, his do is short in the back and sets all its bets on the feathery, long fringe that falls ever so charming over his eyes.
The hair is parted just a tad off center and sleek with much gel generated texture that puts even more shine on the brown hair with fine, but ever so intense highlights in an almost neon copper color.
Hair: Mikel Luzea
Styling: Pavana
Photography: David Muñiz