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Bi-Couture by Sassoon

  • bob with a long fringe
  • combed back hair
  • straightened black hair
  • hair with color transitions
  • brown hair with gray accents
  • hair with contrasting colors
  • short petal shaped hair
  • trapeze shape haircut
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For decades Sassoon has followed and refined a distinct philosophy for hair fashion. The designs are tailored to each individual and cut with geometric precision focusing on the natural growth direction of the hair, its texture and how it best suits each person's features.
High couture of hair today brings together strong visions of bold design, with an unsurpassed wearablitity. The placement of each color effect as well as graduated sections, layers and contours are matched to individual personalities and lifestyles. Most of all, Sassoon hairstyles are made to last and still look fabulous after washing them.
Hair: Sassoon