Landesinnungsverbandes des bayerischen Friseurhandwerks

Vintage inspired hair fashion
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The lust for luxury brings movement to the heads: Curls and waves, textured cuts, and vivacious colors.
The new chic means luxury. Fashion presents itself from its most beautiful side - elaborate, decorative, and filled with affection for detail. The luxury trend means opening the glorious wings of creativity in fashion. Elegance, glamour, opulence, finesse, and extravagance are at the base of the styles and topics of fashion for autumn and winter.
This time the fashion gurus in Paris, Milan, and New York took a long glance back in time and swooned in the memories of the beauty icons of olden days. The vintage trend is inspired by the 20s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s of the last century.
Curls and waves express emotions and powerful beauty.
The lust for luxury brings movement to the heads. This means mostly contemporary curls and waves, as well as strongly layered cuts and colors that set vibrant accents. The current trend for luxury is unthinkable without opulent curls and structured design. Curls and waves stand for emotion and powerful beauty. They are symbols of rediscovered femininity and untamed masculinity. Straight hair is in for a treat as well. Effects of color emphasize the interplay of long and short lengths, asymmetrical and compact lines.
Movement in hair is the main topic of this hair fashion. All made possible with the fashion-proof professionalism and achieved craftsmanship of the hairdresser. High-quality treatments for hair like cutting, coloring, and reshaping enable luxurious looks adapted to each individual type. Guided by Creative Director Winfried Löwel, the fashion team of the LIV presents German hair fashion.

80s-Inspired Hairstyle

Medium long 80s inspired hairstyle for a purposely disheveled look
Large curls and long layers create a purposely disheveled look. The medium-long hair in cool ash blonde shows much texture and mixed elements of curls, waves, and unruly straight strands.
The play of different lengths takes this 80s-inspired hairstyle to the new millennium. Light blonde highlights in the front add dimension and sparkle.

Fun Pixie Cut

Pixie cut with strands frolicking in the face and neck
A feisty pixie cut is never out of style. Combined with strands of different lengths frolicking in front of the face and at the nape, it gets a highly fashionable makeover. This precious style features long fringes on the forehead, spiky strands on the crown, and a refreshing splash of red to liven up the black base color.

Hair with Turbulent Curls

Medium-long hair with dancing curls and loose bangs
Medium-long layered hair is shaped into extra-large curls, dancing lusciously in big spirals. The hair is layered in the lower third and blow-dried forward to increase volume. A large curling iron helps create the curls.
The parting is sensuously uneven, and the bangs fall loosely across the face. A style for every woman who doesn't want to hide her femininity and zest for life.

1940s Curls

Short hair with curls inspired by 1940s fashion icons
Angelic color combines with heavenly curls in the style of the 1940s fashion icons. Silken locks curl around the face in a trapeze shape and shine like diamonds. Vintage Hollywood glitz finds modern glamour in this precious look. Ideal for hair with a natural curl, but thick rollers and a hot iron can achieve the same effect.

Slicked Men's Hair

Men's hair slicked backwards with gel and with sideburns
Rebel with a hint of the heroes of 1930s pirate movies. Long layers are slicked backward with a handful of pomade or gel. Short sideburns add masculinity to this irresistible style, often associated with the famous Latin lovers of Hollywood. Silver highlights look distinguished.

Sophisticated Surfer Look

Surfer look for medium-long men's hair
Medium-long men's hair is cut into long layers from the eyes down. Parted in the middle, it allows the long fringe to frame the face. The hair maintains a distinct unkempt charm and sparkles brightly in sunny blond tones. This style looks like it came right from the beach but is fit for any occasion, whether landlocked or seaside.
Photos: Landesinnungsverbandes des Bayerischen Friseurhandwerks
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