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Landesinnungsverbandes des bayerischen Friseurhandwerks

The new lust for luxury brings movement to the heads: Curls and waves, textured cuts and vivacious colors.
The new chic means: Luxury. Fashion presenting itself from its most beautiful side. Elaborate, decorative and filled with affection for detail. The new luxury trend means opening the glorious wings of creativity in fashion. Elegance, glamour, opulence, finesse and extravagance are at the base of the styles and topics of the new fashion for autumn and winter.
This time the fashion gurus in Paris, Milan and New York took a long glance back in time and swooned in the memories of the beauty icons of olden days. The vintage trend is inspired by the 20s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s of the last century.
  • disheveled look for hair
  • haircut with punk influences
  • hairstyle with big spirals
  • 1940s curls hairstyle
  • hair slicked backwards
  • surfer hairstyle
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Curls and Waves express Emotions and Powerful Beauty.
The new lust for luxury brings movement to the heads. This means mostly: contemporary curls and waves. And also strongly layered cuts and colors that set vibrant accents. The current trend for luxury is unthinkable without the opulent curls and structured design. Curls and waves stand for emotion and powerful beauty. They are symbols of a rediscovered femininity and untamed masculinity. Straight hair is in for a treat as well. Effects of color emphasize the plays of long and short lengths, the asymmetrical and compact lines.
Movement in hair is the main topic of this season's hair fashion. All made possible with the fashion proof professionalism and achieved craftsmanship of the hairdresser. High quality treatments for hair like cut, color, reshaping enable luxurious looks, adapted to each individual type. Guided by Creativdirector Winfried Löwel the fashion team of the LIV presents the German hair fashion for autumn / winter 2004 / 2005.
Photos: Landesinnungsverbandes des Bayerischen Friseurhandwerks