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Hair with bright colors
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A rainbow of colors and shapes that bridge a large terrain makes these hairstyles by Klaus Peter Ochs sizzling. Starting with a Mohawk and ending with a choppy face framing look, this collection is full of real characters.
Curls and texture are key players, large or small and in long and short looks. Lines are soft all over and the styling favors movement and volume. The hair colors are bright and fresh. Platinum, blond, copper, brunette and a smoldering red tone dominate the palette.

Choppy Mohawk

Blonde Mohawk haircut for women
This Mohawk style is created with a lot of skill and styling. When the hair is down, it looks like a normal choppy texture cut with short sides and back topped by gradually longer strands on the crown.
Individual strands were pulled straight and lifted up with the help of a very good and strong product. The result is a halo like creation with elements of Punk and a lot of New Age. The latter is achieved with the choice of an ethereal, mother of pearl color.

Red Curls

Hair with red curls and sleek bangs
Sleek bangs and a bubbly curly wreath of volume around the head make for a theatrical look. Stylish with a hint of nostalgia and a lot of creative energy this hairstyle is playful and provocative at the same time.
The hair is parted in the center, and the fringe has a very high anchor point on the crown. It is cut in a curve that edges along the shape of her eyes.

Hitchcock Curls

Short and easy to wear Tippi Hedren hairstyle
Alfred Hitchcock liked blondes and this hairstyle would have fit perfectly in one of his movies. Kim Novak and Tippi Hedren already looked spectacular in short, softly curled looks. The modern version is a touch more casual and has more movement than the iconic styles from the 60s.
Sexy as ever and easy to wear it frames the face with a lot of texture and a radiant shine from the multi-tone blonde colors.

Luscious Curls

Long brown hair with volume and luscious curls
Femmes fatales prefer big hair. Much volume and luscious curls exude an air of luxury and seduction. A center part separates the flow of long, wavy hair, apparently cut at one length all around.
The main body of the mane is slightly disheveled while more or less defined curls appear towards the ends. A rich, warm brown tone is an excellent choice for this hairstyle.

Blonde Ambition

Blonde hair that billows around the head
Fiery motion and spectacular, airy volume are doused in the radiant light of a soft strawberry blonde hair color. Parted diagonally towards the back of the crown the hair billows around the head in a big fluffy circle - brought to rest in the snug fitting sleekness of the long, asymmetrical fringe. Gentle teasing creates the texture and volume.


Sidetracked short cropped hair
Texture is the soul of this short haircut. Not to underestimate the intense hair color, a spicy combination of dark cherry tones and a lighter lava hue. But it is the shape that catches most of the attention.
Cropped short all around with a lot of texture and longer sections on top, the fringe was pulled to the side where it was styled to a wispy against the grain statement of edginess.

Feisty Short Haircut

Feisty short blonde haircut with rough edges
Rough and rugged edges express a free spirited, out of the box feeling and all of this texture keeps the hairstyle soft and modern. It can be styled in all directions for more unique and unusual styling options.
Very eye-catching is the short fringe opposed to the lengthened sides that reach chin length and are styled close to the face in their razor-tapered gorgeousness.
Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs for MCB Paris
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