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Klaus Peter Ochs

Mondial Coiffure Beauté Paris 2010

  • Mohawk haircut
  • red curls
  • Tippi Hedren style
  • luscious curls
  • hair that billows around the head
  • sidetracked short hair
  • feisty short haircut
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A rainbow of colors and shapes that bridge a large terrain makes these hairstyles by Klaus Peter Ochs sizzling. Starting with a Mohawk and ending with a choppy face framing look, this collection is full of real characters.
Curls and texture are key players, large or small and in long and short looks. Lines are soft all over and the styling favors movement and volume. The colors are bright and fresh. Platinum, blond, copper, brunette and a smoldering red tone dominate the palette.
Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs for MCB Paris 2010
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