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New hairstyles with undercuts and overlapping
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Reality rarely catches up with dreams. In this case it did. The hairstyles are dreamy beautiful but also very real. For this the collection, the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks sets the focus on hairstyles that are unsuspected flexible and have quite a few surprising views in store. Their secret is in the refined techniques for the cut and styling: the most important of these are undercut and overlapping. Skilled undercuts provide the supple textures and therefore add volume and life.
For the length of hair, style and color there is only one rule of thumb: anything goes! Allowed is what pleases you and what shows your own personality. Experimentation is more than welcome since hair fashion is an outward sign of our own fashion concept - and that makes it a personal statement. The importance of functionality and pragmatism becomes secondary. Today a look is allowed to be be individual, unique and authentic.

Princess Valiant

New short-cut for platinum blonde hair
This short haircut skillfully plays with contrasts and is surprisingly innovative. The formal strictness of the short fringe is artfully broken up by the soft undercut and textured top hair with its fine tassels. A very modern, cool look with playful effects is the result. Important: a uniform color that emphasizes the lively texture.
The most beautiful is a classic platinum blonde, intensified with an extra tinting treatment for the ultra cool effect. It cannot get more glamorous than this! Styled up and then in all directions with matte products, an unconventional, rocky look emerges. The sides are kept close to the head to give depth and focus to the face.

Princess Valiant (2)

Short women's hairstyle with the sides sleeked back
Expressive with an upward movement is the way to go for a major fashion statement. The sides of the hair are elegantly sleeked towards the back and allow the face to be the center of attention. The top hair, cut a bit longer than sides and neck, is styled vertically and then left to bend and fall in whichever direction it wants to go.
A little bit of control by hand will help though. One of the keys to the success of this short haircut is to use styling products that leave only a matte sheen on the hair to create a look that has a smooth, satiny surface and not a wet, glossy and often tacky shine.

Calm Finesse

Short brown hair with the ends flipped out
Who says that everything has to be spectacular all the time? Sometimes the art lies in the understated. Just like this variation of a casually styled short haircut: the volume on the crown creates glamour all by itself. While combing it with the fingers, the hair is simply blow dried towards the back. Use the proper styling products to aid with the hold. The starting point is a soft layered cut with very gently textured tips.
Highlights in a light red brown color are applied with a combing technique and bring great reflexes into the rich brunette. The versatility of this cut is based in the even layering and the overall feathery texture. Refined: one moment it is ready for a night out, then again girly and as natural as Meg Ryan. It is the feathered texture and the wispy, flipped out ends that do the trick.

Calm Finesse (2)

Sophisticated short hairstyle with scrunched short hair
There is a certain serenity but also a lot of excitement in this version of the layered and finely textured short haircut. To increase the texture and to make the most out of the cut for a glamorous appearance, the hair was first dried for volume - one way is to use a round brush and to pull the hair away from the head when blow drying - then it was scrunched with the fingers and gently directed into the perfect face-flattering position.
The very subtle highlights do a great job in enhancing the motion and dimension of this very sophisticated and refined short hairstyle.

Pure Elegance

Graduated chin length bob with soft layering
Snow White would have turned green with envy had she seen this look. Ebony-colored hair does not necessarily have to be super long to unfold its magic. This graduated bob with overall long top hair offers enough surface to perfectly fathom depth and shine of very dark hair. The cut is softly layered, avoiding compact tips and instead giving the edge also a softening texture and sculpting.
With the deep side part and a fringe draped across the forehead in a diagonal line, this hairstyle exudes pure elegance. A true fairy-tale appearance that is sure to please also stepmothers.

Pure Elegance (2)

Curly styling with mousse for a short bob
The power of black is evident in this wild and stylish version of the layered and textured bob. The neat image got stripped of and it is a bunch of wild curls now that tempt your senses. To achieve this impressive and intense look, the damp hair is treated with a good mousse and a glossy agent, styled with a hot iron in the shape of curls and extreme points.
You can even work in a few angles to increase the extravagance. For the finish, a little tousling with the fingers infuses all of the appeal you want. Most of the volume is on top, and the contour is very round to balance all of the movement within. The side fringe continues the elegance of the base shape.

Feminine Power

Professional and feminine long hairstyle with a slender silhouette
A beautiful shape, dynamic and very feminine. The base of this innovative look for long hair is the overlapping contours with strong differences in length, all flowing together. The base length remains compact in the layered hair, the top hair is textured on the inside. The result is a slender silhouette, which is subtly broken with the volume on the crown. Color gives a luxurious touch: a warm shade of brown, rendered luminously through red/golden reflexes. This kind of subtlety comes with a big Wow!
The result is a look that radiates power and femininity and that is a very good choice for those who want to look professional but also modern and stylish. For the evening it can become a bit swankier. A blow dryer and styling products add volume. The showstopper, however, is the asymmetrically styled tips. Turned outward on top and bend inward in the lengths.

Feminine Power (2)

Party styling for brown shoulder-length hair
What a bit of volume can do! Go from professional to party in a jiffy. The partition, which is more a pivot point in this version has moved from left to right and sits farther back now. From here the hair spins out in a large curve that covers most of the forehead and this dynamic motion continues all around the head.
Individual strands go against the stream and stand out with concise definition. Now all of the fine layers can show their energy and become very visible in this bold play of intense movement and texture.

Feminine Power (3)

Power look for female hair
This third incarnation of the long power look takes it all one step further and infuses a whole lot of luxury and extravagant glamour into this most alluring hairstyle. Volume and asymmetry go hand in hand in a windswept creation that looks as if it was in constant motion.
Blow them all away by styling the main body of hair towards the back and leaving the tip of the small ponytail peek out on one side. The front, top and sides are magically pulled in one direction and the hovering lightness of the shape receives an optical lift with the smooth and smoking highlights.

Rocking Dandy

Male haircut with a long fringe and textured top hair
Well behaved and adapted? Not necessarily. The new generation of men's hairstyles presents itself unconventional and pays homage to the Zeitgeist. Full textures surprise; just like here in this smart cut, which was inspired by the style of the ska era. In focus: long, lightly textured top hair with an equally long fringe section, casually falling diagonally across the forehead. This is perfect with a deep, cool mocha brown.
Neck and sides remain short like the classic styles, but the generous contours facilitate many styling experiments. The rock 'n rolling variation with its raised and leisurely back styled top hair shows the full potential of this cut. One minute in a dandy-esque look and suddenly, with an indicated quiff, transformed into a modern interpretation of a 1960s hero.

Rocking Dandy (2)

Men's hair with slicked-back sides and a 50s quiff
A bit of retro never hurts! Especially when the 1950s quiff is updated and shaped like this. His haircut is longer in front than in the back, which allows for enough "material" to sculpt the high roll that extends from one temple to the other.
Sides are slicked back, just like the famous classic look, but the rest of the hair breaks with tradition and is styled across the grain on the crown. Individual tips are visible and a slight feathering on the sides makes this look stand out. The dark brown hair looks even better with the right amount of shine and thanks to all the gods and goddesses in hair heaven, there is a product for everything!

Untamed and Casual

Casual wild hairstyle for men
This seemingly untamed men's look shows the whole point of the season's trend: cut on two levels with a light undercut and strongly textured overlapping contours, the overall appeal is full. The hair in the front top section is longer and tapers out into an asymmetrical, hook shaped fringe. This is a complex technique for a statement of ultimate nonchalance.
All of this is accentuated with fine reflexes of a sunlit color that is worked into the hair free handedly. The result: a hairstyle that is wild and romantic at the same time. Styling variations: long tassels into the face or aerodynamically styled to the side. The new looks for men convince with their unconventionality. Special styling products preserve hold and nourish the hair.

Untamed and Casual (2)

Club-ready men's hair with highlights
The adventurer look from before turned club-ready just with a change of direction. The hair is now curved outward and down, displaying the shiny light blonde highlights amidst the brown shades. Darker sideburns turn up the contrast and the heat.
His fringe is not playing a seductive little game with its wild strands that take the eye to his well-studied Casanova gaze. Tousled but not confused, what seems effortless is well planned and it works!

Soft Allrounder

Dynamic male haircut with long top hair
Versatility is not a prerogative of women. Men also set their bets on haircuts that allow flexible styling. To do this, it is important to start with a certain base length and dynamic texture to guarantee vivacious hair. Just like Justin Bieber's hair flip. For this the top hair remains fairly long, the contours are carefully undercut and point textured. Soft highlights add depth and shine.
The hair is styled extremely into the forehead and then swooshed into several directions to create this casual men's look that might just be a new hairstyle classic. The variation with a partition and sleek lengths has a soft appearance and exudes masculine elegance. A styled confession of confidence in fashion.

Soft Allrounder (2)

Classy and fashionable haircut fro blonde men
The angled hair line follows the shape of his cheekbones and teases with its fine texture that softens the corners and appeal. A classy element comes in with the consequent partition and a clear outline and modest length of the neck. His blonde hair color lightens up towards the front, but does so ever so subtlely.
The simplicity of the haircut and its basic shape give it a sophisticated virility, but without the ruggedness of its peers. This is a style of the fashion-conscious man, the connoisseur who prefers quality and sublime elegance to loud effects.
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