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Reality rarely catches up with dreams. In this case it did: The new hairstyles are dreamy beautiful but also very real. For this the trend collection Fall/ Winter 2011/2012 sets the focus on hairstyles that are unsuspected flexible and have quite a few surprising views in store. Their secret is in the refined techniques for cut and styling: the most important of these are undercut and overlapping. Skilled undercuts provide the supple textures and therefor add volume and life.
  • new short-cut
  • short hairstyle with the sides sleeked back
  • short hair with the ends flipped out
  • scrunched short hair
  • bob with layering
  • curly bob
  • professional long hairstyle
  • feminine hairdo
  • power look for female hair
  • male haircut with a long fringe
  • hair with slicked back sides
  • wild hairstyle for men
  • men's hair with highlights
  • dynamic male haircut
  • blonde man with a fashionable haircut
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The overlapping technique allows contours that cover and cross each and flow together organically even though they have strong differences in length. Both techniques, in their virtuoso play create harmonious textures, balancing out their various lengths in a very artistic way and make them look as gorgeous as they can be.
For the length of hair, style and color there is only one rule of thumb: Anything goes! Allowed is what pleases you and what shows your own personality. Experimentation is more than welcome since hair fashion is an outward sign of our own fashion concept - and that makes it a personal statement. The importance of functionality and pragmatism becomes secondary; today a look has to be individual, unique and authentic.
And it has to work for all circumstances of life, that is why it is so essential that the styles are variable. Whether glamorous or rocky, girly or ultra feminine, smart or untamed masculine: anything is possible! The look is not any longer a fixed item, but a variable for us to play with to express all of the facets of our personality.
Individualism is the base for an unmistaken esthetic - one of the main motives of the ZV collections. Hairstyles are not mass produced, but created for each type and uniquely crafted by hand. The superior quality is a result of creativity and perfection. A little luxury does not hurt. We deserve it.
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