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Tchip - Short Haircuts

It's always time for a fabulous new haircut and Tchip might just have a dream do for you. The must have short hair looks of today are layered and full of movement with textured tips and a very dynamic styling. Individual strands are visible and either styled smooth or with a lot of spike and wispy accents.
  • short haircut with lift on the crown
  • feathery short hair
  • haircut with very short sides
  • short haircut with spikes
  • spiky look for short hair
  • short hair and collarless shirt
  • strands of hair caressing the neck
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These haircuts, in bright blonde or spicy brown colors, are chic, refined and extremely trendy, but also carefree, playful and very sexy. The cuts offer high versatility and you don't have to fear any kind of hairy boredom to come creeping in. There is a ton of styling options and Tchip gives us some very alluring suggestions with these images.
video Hair: Tchip
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