Pics of Short Hairstyles (21)

These styles for short and very short hair are really too beautiful to miss. Whether it's a classic chin length bob or the always fashionable pixie, short hair has never looked this stylish. Scroll through the pictures of short hairstyles and get inspired for your next salon visit!
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  • Short straight bob with curved tips
  • Short hairstyle with long bangs and sides with an inward curve
  • Wearable short hairstyle with roundness and texture
  • Shorter in the back haircut with layers and wavy styling
  • Short hairstyle with hair that is caressing the neck
  • Futuristic haircut with a point in the middle of the bangs
  • Dramatic hairdo with a combination of dark and fiery hair colors
  • Short retro bob with elements of the 1920s and 1930s
  • Eccentric hairstyle with all hair styled towards the face
  • Reversed bob with fluid lines and multiple hair colors
  • Short haircut with razor slithering for naturally curly hair
  • Chin-length bob with a very short neck section
  • Smooth short hair with a blunt edge and light bangs
  • Carefree short haircut with slithering around the face
  • Short hairstyle with layers and sides that cover the ears
  • Funky short hairdo with tendrils along the sides of the face
  • Short Charleston era hair with finger waves
  • Easy to do short haircut that leaves the ears exposed
  • Short hairstyle with curls and a lot of moxie
  • Short roller set hair with a heavy side part
  • Slimming short hair that touches the collar
  • Short hairdo with a tapered back and cycloid curls
  • Quick to style pixie cut for Asian hair
  • Jawbone length hairstyle with curls and feathery bangs
  • Short layered haircut with a lot of pouf on the top
  • Easy to style pixie cut with a tapered nape and sides
  • Short hairstyle with textured layers and a ponytail
  • Choppy short haircut with circular bangs
  • Short circular haircut with one side that reveals the ear
  • more short hairstyles

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