Pics of Modern Short Hairstyles (26)

Life is too short for boring hair! Are you tired of looking at the same old hairstyle? Did you decide to go from long to short or short to shorter? Few things in life feel better than getting a fresh haircut. Scroll down and discover modern short hairstyles that could completely transform your look.
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  • Blond pixie cut with supershort sides and neck section
  • Red hair with a short graduated neck and a long fringe
  • Blonde hair with a combination of short and longer parts
  • Short geometric bob with undercutting and horizontal bangs
  • Brunette pixie cut with a long forelock and razor-cut layers
  • Razor-cut bob with long bangs and tapered ends
  • Modern blonde pixie cut with choppy layers
  • Short and easy to style layered hair
  • Short platinum blonde hair with movement
  • Carefree style for short hair with layers
  • Short white hair with a satiny sheen
  • Intense red hair with curls and textured ends
  • Short curly hairstyle with an oversized quiff
  • Razor-cut pixie with a soft silhouette
  • Blonde pixie cut with layering and side swept bangs
  • Side view of a pixie cut that leaves the ears completely exposed
  • Pixie cut with back-swept bangs for wavy hair
  • Modern pixie haircut with the ears partly covered
  • Short hairstyle with bangs and deliberately messy styling
  • Pixie cut for curly hair with bangs
  • Sleek pixie haircut with very short bangs and exposed ears
  • Short hairstyle that keeps all hair away from the face
  • Extravagant pixie haircut with sleek and curly hair combined
  • Short blonde bob with curls and a permed appearance
  • Short bob with curled hair and super short bangs
  • Blonde razor textured bob with asymmetry
  • Blonde pixie cut with one longer side and movement
  • Short haistyle with elements of the 1960s and 1970s
  • Wet look pixie hairstyle with diagonal bangs
  • more short hairstyles

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