Twice by Felicitas

Pixies and bobs
Whether you’re looking for a short pixie style or a long bob to stir up your creative juices, you’re in for a treat with the new Twice hairstyles collection. The collection boasts a kaleidoscope of vivid hair colors, ranging all across the scope from icy platinum blondes to intensely vivid reds. You’ll also be surprized with the classical chocolate browns and traditional highlights in between the aforementioned extremes.
Have fun while exploring the quirky collection’s different hair lengths, texturizing- and styling methods, while ultimately deciding which one of these stunning hairstyles might just be the ultimate inspiration for your next look.
Irrespective of whether you’re a straight-laced corporate queen, or a creature of the fashion world’s grungy underworld, you’re sure to discover a haircut among these images that will catch your attention and imagination. You’re welcome. Now browse along to find the perfect style and cut that you’ve been searching for to breathe life into your new look this season!

Feminine Pixie Haircut

Longer pixie haircut with a long fringe
Pixie cut for a diamond face shape
This type of pixie haircut seems to be universally favoured, especially among the younger generation. The longer fringe is worn diagonally swept across the model’s forehead, which creates the impression of a longer and more feminine hairstyle. The style is also asymmetrical, connecting the long side swept fringe with a longer side length on the right side of the model’s head. This haircut is intrinsically creative and contemporary.
The model’s natural base color is a dark brown, which works great with the very dark chocolate brown hair color that has been used by the stylist. The stylist also added a few thick dark mahogany red highlights in the longer tresses of the bangs, which adds a subtle color play when the light falls on it.
This cut and color is a very good option in terms of easy maintenance and versatility. You’ll instantly note how well the cut complements the model’s diamond face shape, as well as het distinct characteristics of her face.

Risqué Hairstyle

Risqué hairstyle with very short bangs
Very short hairstyle for a breathtaking look
This short risqué style has been gaining momentum in the contemporary art world as well as the grunge underworld of the fashion capitals of the world. This exact combination of cut and color has been resurrected recently by the salacious Yolandi Visser of the “Die Antwoord” rap/ZEF group. Lady Gaga, (among others), have been quick to follow in her footsteps, which resulted in bad vibes between the two performers. Interestingly enough, this is also a favorite style of the hairstyling giant Schwarzkopf, because of the style’s contemporary artistic and structural finesse characteristics.
The bangs are very short, while the impeccably perfect and solid hairline of the style is its main point of focus. The crystal-white, ashy blonde tones are the perfect backdrop to showcase the style’s imaginative precision. This hairstyle is notoriously difficult to maintain, but the attention that it garners is well worth the time, cost and effort to uphold this breathtaking look.

Short Bob with a Permed Appearance

Short bob with a permed appearance
Bob with flared out sides
The short bob that the model is wearing is currently a fashion favorite on photo shoots as well as on the runways. The long bangs sweep in a subtle convex arc across her forehead, which softens the look yet at the same time rendering it very distinct.
The model’s hair has been curled with very fine curlers and consequently brushed out to give it that old fashioned, permed look. The bob has been texturized along the tips of the hair to give it that flared out characteristic.
You’ll always note that stylists very often opt for this very light, platinum blonde with ash undertones to showcase a very artistic style such as this. That’s because this specific hair color goes a long way to display the strong characteristics of the hairstyle without detracting attention from its genius design and flair. Also note how well the model’s dark eyes works with this very light blonde hair color.

Short Bob with Quirky Bangs

Sshort bob and a red hair color
Short bob with quirky bangs
This is a beautifully crafted short bob that at this moment isn’t getting the limelight attention that it deserves. So if you’re looking for a distinctive hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd, take note! The short bob has been texturized slightly along the tips of the model’s hair to create it’s splayed look.
What makes this cut truly “own-in-its-sort” is the quirky bangs. The fringe is relatively short and very solid, with a subtle convex arc. The idiosyncratic “chip” in the side of the bangs is a breath of fresh air into the bangs concept.
The fringe is a dark red-brown color, while the length of hair of the rest of the style is a subtle medium red ombré. The model’s naturally fine hair has been curled with a medium-barrel curling tong, and brushed out slightly to create the flared style. The red hair color looks simply ravishing against the model’s fair complexion and pale green eyes.

Medium Length Layered Bob

Medium length layered bob
Wash and wear hairstyle
This medium length layered bob is one of the most popular and versatile haircuts ever. This cut works especially well with medium to thick structure and/or density hair. Slightly curly hair works especially well with this exact style, as it is a great wash-and-wear look which saves a ton of time and energy especially for women who don’t want to fight their curly hair every morning.
The model’s light-brown natural base has been highlighted with light blonde highlights with an ash undertone, while a few naturally colored light brown lowlights add dimension and movement. The hair around the face has also been layered and texturized to get that beautiful “face-framing” characteristic that has been made incredibly famous by Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel character in the Friends series in the 90’s.
This specific style works well with just about any face shape, although it works exceptionally well with an oval face with pronounced cheekbones and a distinctive jawline. Note the model’s subtle yet professional make-up to complement this classic hairstyle.

Long Length Bob

Long length bob haircut
Easy to style long bob
This long length bob is literally endless in styling possibilities as well as celebrities who favor this specific style and cut. Stunners such as Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway and Elsa Pataky often wear their glossy tresses in this style on the red carpet as well as in their leisure time. The hairstyle is particularly feminine and classic, yet super easy to maintain and easy to style.
The layers of this haircut are connected and subtle, which keeps the style from being too bulky yet still keeping an ample amount of hair to easily create large-barreled curls. This medium chocolate brown hair color works really well with the cut and style, as it shows off the style’s classic structure and sophistication.
Golden blonde highlights have been added to the model’s long side bangs to lighten the style and add dimension and movement to the overall rich-chocolate color. Note the model’s subtle make-up and sultry expression to complement the style and cut to its fullest potential.
Hairstyles: Felicitas and Team
Make-up: Trini F. Silva
Stylist: Foche Maina
Photography: Esteban Roca