Emilie and Fanny by Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure

Very short haircuts for women
Two personalities and four cool hairstyles that show how stylish and fun short hair can be. The styling variations are incredible and you can feel like a kid in the candy store with all of the attractive options.
Wear it down and sleek or twist, twist, pouf and scrunch the hair into whichever shape you want it today. The metallic colors of a cool silver and a warm golden tone make these four styles extremely precious and hard to resist.

Sleek Styling for a Short Cut

Short haircut with bangs and sleek styling
This styling shows the pretty lines of the short haircut. A soft curve with bangs that gradually lengthen from one side to the other continues around the head and follows the shape of her face. Soft graduation with very short hair and the longer top allow her a big range of playful alternatives to this look.
Check out the next image too and get inspired. A silvery hue reminds of the color of moonlight on a deep lake and goes right with the trend for precious metallic colors.

Wild Styling for Short Hair

Pixie cut with wild styling
Criss and cross, twisted, edgy and so much fun! There are no rules on what you could or should do with your new cute and very short pixie.
For this adorable look sections of the top hair were pulled in alternating directions thereby creating this fun tousled texture. There is a method to the stylish madness but rules, no.

Middle of the Forehead Fringe

PIxie cut with a middle of the forehead fringe
Hair so shiny and fine like spun gold was cut to a playful, yet feminine and stunning haircut. One of the eye catchers is of course the short and straight but filigree thin fringe. It just reaches to the middle of her forehead and is topped by a whirlwind of fine curls that grow in shape and intensity towards the top.
A grounding contrast to all of that flirtatious movement are the cropped and graduated sides and the neck.

Flipped Up Front

Pixie with flipped up bangs
With the bangs flipped up to these lofty heights the same haircut as in the image before takes on an entirely new energy and goes from romantic with a hint of retro to fresh, feisty and soft punk. Depending on your accessories you can really dress this one up or down.
The light blonde color and the silky texture of the hair adds much enticing softness to this pixie. A darker tone of blonde is in the top and center hair. It was applied with very gradual transitions and gives a flame like appearance to the little quiff of hair.
Hair: Sasscha Hirtsgaard - Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure
Make-up: Emma Ullman
Products: Paul Mitchell
Photography: Rasmus Luckmann
Necklace: Stars By P