Trendy Hairstyles for Short Hair (27)

Short hair doesn't mean your styling options have to be limited. Keep on scrolling for trendy short hairstyles for women who want to combine the pleasant with the useful. Are you going moderately short or daring super short? The choice is entirely yours!
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  • Red mid-ear short hair with crimping
  • Short hairstyle with jagged bangs and hair in front of the ears
  • Short red hair with spiral curls
  • Feathery pixie cut with the hair styled in different directions
  • Very short asymmetrical razor cut hair with layers
  • Short red hair with a long side-lock
  • Blonde mod style bob with razor-softened ends
  • Short copper color hair with spiral curls
  • Short blonde razor-cut hair styled with an outward bend
  • Glossy short chin-length bob with a high side part
  • Mid-neck length bob with a stacked back
  • Blunt bob with hair that gradually lengthens towards the front
  • Inverted bob with a very short nape section
  • Short bob with box layering and styling for an outward flick
  • Contoured bob with razor-cutting and scalp-lift for volume
  • Short blonde hair with layers, curls and high-volume styling
  • Steeply-angled blonde bob with convex cutting lines and razor-cut layers
  • Casual short hairstyle with choppy cutting lines and long bangs
  • Short haircut with styling for a deliberately messy appearance
  • Short and easy to manage bob with bangs
  • Glamorous short hairstyle with plenty of tamed curls
  • 1960s inspired pixie cut with a clean silhouette and long bangs
  • Timeless short hairstyle with one side blown inward and the other side outward
  • Red hair cut into an on trend bob with curls
  • Short bob with a slightly angled cutting line and ragged bangs
  • Bob with razor-cutting and purple hair extensions
  • Contemporary pixie cut with an exaggerated razored fringe
  • Edgy pixie cut with exaggerated bangs and curls
  • Bob with a blunt silhouette and a solid fringe
  • more short hairstyles

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