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Courtney Treyvaud @ Mieka Hairdressing

Neoteric is a response to the complexity and extremity that characterize today's fashion direction. Inspired by contemporary yet timeless classics Neoteric displays a fresh modernistic movement. Clean structural shapes are complemented by harmonious tones of soft, beautiful variation. Neoteric is simplicity at its best, allowing the beauty of great hair to speak for itself.
  • bowl cut and pixie haircut combination
  • serpentine spirals for hair
  • topknot
  • flowing waves
  • anime and manga inspired hairstyle
  • short contoured bob
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This collection is all about contrasting the nu-rave fashion direction. Stepping away from the loud, neon digital trends, this upcoming season will become more monochrome, metallic, simple and stylish. The bob will be around for another season, but going shorter for summer and more classic in shape, think 1920's and French inspired. Shapes are clean simple strong lines or display soft sexy curls.
Colours will be lighter and warmer, a backlash to the Cameron Diaz inspired frenzy that swept the nation. Blondes will have warmer tones with subtle variation, or be pastelized in shades of lilac and/or slate. Rich browns and reds will also feature very strongly with mild tonal variation. The trends will have a fresh contemporary feel yet still retaining timeless classics.
Hair & Color: Courtney Treyvaud @ Mieka Hairdressing
Photography: Trevor King
Make-Up: Benn Jae
Stylist: Jordan Moore
Products: Wella Professionals