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Contemporary hair
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Neoteric is a response to the complexity and extremity that characterize today's fashion direction. Inspired by contemporary yet timeless classics Neoteric displays a fresh modernistic movement. Clean structural shapes are complemented by harmonious tones of soft, beautiful variation. Neoteric is simplicity at its best, allowing the beauty of great hair to speak for itself.
This collection is all about contrasting the nu-rave fashion direction. Stepping away from the loud, neon digital trends, this collection is more monochrome, metallic, simple and stylish. The bob will be around for another season, but going shorter for summer and more classic inshape, think 1920s and French inspired. Shapes are clean simple strong lines or display soft sexy curls.
Hair colors will be lighter and warmer, a backlash to the Cameron Diaz inspired frenzy that swept the nation. Blondes will have warmer tones with subtle variation, or be pastiche in shades of lilac and/or slate. Rich browns and reds will also feature very strongly with mild tonal variation. The trends will have a fresh contemporary feel yet still retain timeless classics.

Pixie and Bowl Cut

Cross between a classic pixie and a bowl cut
The pseudo-metallic sheen of this hairstyle illustrates the modernity of the look. Starting with a cross between the classic pixie cut and bowl cut styles, the hair forms a close-fitting silhouette. The hair is naturally straight and features a crisp, horizontal fringe that forms the guiding line for the weight line of the overall style.
The sides and back contour in smooth layers to hug the scalp from this weight line and the hair is styled to maximize, smoothness, straightness and shine. The result is a richly burnished copper coif that glows with inner warmth and vibrancy.

Serpentine Spiral Curls

Chin-length bob with spiral curls
If you start with a chin-length bob and add interior layering to smoothly distribute the volume, then curl the hair for maximum lift and volume, you can create this look. The artist works with the pale beige-blonde hair to form a Medusa's cap of serpentine spirals.
Best achieved with a roller set, the hair can be carefully backcombed at the scalp to give structure and lift, and then picked out to maintain the integrity of the individual curls while breaking them into thin tendrils.
The back section of the hair is directed up and forward to add the weight of the section to the crown for fullness, helping to flesh out the silhouette and give the masses of tresses look that makes the style so appealing. A dab of smoothing product and a mist of hairspray to scrunch will make the style last longer and keep the frizz at bay.


Hairstyle with a topknot and sweeping curlicue that rests at the forehead
Sometimes you just want to make a statement, and this style screams "Look at me!" Starting with a head of long, medium-textured hair, gently curl the hair for structure and brush it out once the curl is set. Then, draw the hair up to the top of the head at the forward-most point of the crown section and secure it with a fastener of your choice.
From this point, the topknot, as it's called, is backcombed, and the curl that was set into the hair is fluffed out to form a full mass. This mass is then carefully shaped on top of the head and formed into a sweeping curlicue that rests at the forehead. Using the edge of a brush or a tilted comb, smooth out and shape the surface of the ruffled-up hair as you would direct a sculpture.
A light misting of hairspray will provide the needed hold for the style, and a touch of spray laminator can be used as desired to give a satiny finish to the look.

Long Flowing Waves

Hair with long flowing waves
The swimwear fashion sported by the model seems appropriate for this style full of long, flowing waves. The cut features minimal layering - primarily around the face - and gentle texturing of the ends. The hair color is a rich, dark auburn that adds warmth and fire to the curves of the hair.
The style is best achieved through a slightly overloaded roller set, with the curls directed forward in rolling waves once they are set. Smoothing serum should be used in the rolling process, and a gentle mist of hairspray and patting can help finish any frizz that may remain in the finished style.

Elongated Sideburns

Anime and manga inspired pixie hairstyle with elongated sideburns
This asymmetrical pixie cut style seems to draw inspiration from anime and manga art images. The rounded angles and off-color tones are sure signs of the "life imitating art" culture that has become popular.
With elongated sideburns and the curved arch of the fringe accentuating the left eye, making the eyes appear larger, the style is blown out straight and smooth, with a texturing product to give some definition to the strands.

Contoured Bob

short contoured bob
The last installment in this collection is another unusually inspired design. The style is very geometric, with its rounded silhouette and angular interior. The cut is a contoured bob, with very specifically defined cutting lines and subtle undercutting to create the curved finish. The leading edges at the sides are blunt and clean, with no tapering, and the horizontal fringe is a bold, blunt edge.
The style is utterly smooth and designed to lie close along the scalp with no lift before turning inward at the ends. The color is rich and dark, but instead of the usual glossy shine, the finish is matte and absorbs the light to create a glowing effect along the areas where the hair curves.
The style is likely best achieved with a minimum of product, and then only those that can add conditioning and texture without an excess of shine.
Hair & Color: Courtney Treyvaud @ Mieka Hairdressing
Photography: Trevor King
Makeup: Benn Jae
Stylist: Jordan Moore
Products: Wella Professionals
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