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Coiffure du Monde

  • versatile long hairstyle
  • hairstyle for fine hair
  • razor textured bob
  • pixie with one long side
  • long hairstyle for men
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You’ll find that this collection is sprinkled with hairstyle gems that have been created with the key goal of extreme adaptability in mind. Some of us need to be able to switch from classy business types to social scene queens or kings in the matter of minutes. If you fall into this sometimes tricky category, you’ll be delighted at the sight of these styles.
This range of hairstyles has been created on the style foundations of versatility, hair couture and aesthetic beauty. All of these styles have that “Jekyll and Hyde” attribute in common, enabling you to wearing your hair sleek and glossy during the day, while switching to voluminously sexy and laid-back cool for your evening functions.
The best part is that the structure of these styles has been cut and textured according to practical principles as to empower you to create these styles yourself with little time and relative ease. In a nutshell, you don’t need a hairstylist every night to look mouth-wateringly glamorous!
Hairstyles: Jean Claude Aubry Community for Coiffure du Monde
Artistic Director: Nahema Abaroudi
Photography: Laurent Darmon