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Equus - Felix Rojas

A new era of masculinity is on the horizon or, as seen here, in the stable. Men are demanding more style and more services at salons, a trend that cannot only be observed at Felix Rojas' home base Barcelona, but is spreading like wildfire around the world.
  • stand-up fringe
  • charismatic male look
  • stylish male hairdo
  • long fringe for men
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The fashion conscious man of today goes for the classic haircuts, but not without a twist. Rojas' suave collection of men's style is aptly named equus, the Latin word for horse. Hunters, horsemen and in our part of the world the cowboys always had an irresistible rough and rugged, nature based and highly sexy appeal. The four haircuts in this collection are more stylish than rugged, but they also express a strong masculine aura and virility.
Short, well defined outlines, texture and a lot of movement in the front are the key elements and a high versatility when it comes to styling options is a welcome attribute.
Hair: Felix Rojas for the Figaro Awards