Fragile by Intercoiffure Boehm.Haare!

Fragile hair
Like the sweep of a brush, imagination gives birth to colors of honey, coppery red and brunette spirals and twists of hair. Experience the masculine approach that is tight to the head with spikes or the gallantry of ultrashort layers. The final touch is your personal touch.

Rotating Spirals

Long hair with rotating spirals
Your destination can be a step above the rest with this golden blonde hair patterned in twists likened unto a designer's hat that nests half tilted upon the top of the head. Rotating spirals below the shoulders complete this fanciful hairstyle with the touch of prominence. Spray and secure the twists with pins.

Twists of Hair

Long hair with twists and spirals
The subtle encounter of this brunette is endorsed by the delicate twists of hair formulated as if a priceless antique. The lazy spirals lie below her shoulders in glossy smooth ribbons, extending a form of superior exception. Gel, smoothing crème and spray will benefit this hairstyle.

Twisted Hair

Twisted hair with a lot of gloss
A designer's dream is glorified by the dominance of the coppery tones in webs of twists and pockets of blooms. Layers of curls meet straighter lines harmonizing the independence of this hairstyle. Suggestions of gel and gloss will aid toward this image.

Gentleman's Haircut

Men's haircut with faded sides
Versatile haircut for men
Funky short hairstyle for men
Short gelled hair for men
A gentleman's haircut gives attention to the faded detail of his sides and tightness around his ears with the brawniness of his sideburns. Versatility is art in motion as seen in the first photo, the hair is combed over and the top gelled into an attractive top lift.
In the second photo and fourth photo, the hair is blended together moving over to one side and just a small section of hair has been selected to graze over the top. The third picture is funky and fun, as the hair is combed toward the face. Gel is used to bring the front up in a pluck and power. Use gel.

Satin Appeal

Long hair with a satin appeal
Strawberry blonde hair with high blunted bangs
The rare value of imported silk is captive with the extraordinary smooth satin appeal, where the heavy side section of gold meets strawberry blonde. The side part begins the fashion of angled edged ends that fall below the model's shoulders and high blunted bangs. The use of a large round brush will assist with this image.

Swirls and Curls

Long hairstyle with swirls and curls
The kaleidoscope of golden reds of swirls and curls of hair has been compiled around the head to give the illusion of a sun-goddess. There are high blunted bangs to decorate the model's face and the windblown picture of volume. Use your curling iron with styling spray.

Spiral Curls

Coppery hair with spiral curls
The melody of golden threads covering the coppery red is rampant throughout the spiral curls that flow below our model's shoulders. The opposition of smoothly clipped bangs and straight strands along the face bring sophistication to the hairstyle. Use thermo spray as you go and a spiral curling iron.

Macho Hairstyle

Macho hairstyle
This macho hairstyle is closely clipped around the ears on the sides and tapered up in the back. The top has enough length to pluck up in irregular jags for plenty of true grit in your character. Use freezing gel for staying power.

Hair with Sideburns

Men's hairstyle with sideburns
Male haircut with sideburns
This heartbreaking gent has his hair clipped close to his sides presenting the detail form of his sideburns. The top is in short layers and we can see in the second picture how the hair is combed toward the center as if a pyramid. Use freezing gel for stability.

Gelled Up Hair

Gelled up hair for men
Normann's savvy men's hairstyle is clipped to define versatility and takes center stage with the sections of hair gelled up and over defining positions. Use your hands to style the top.
Hair: Patricia Normann and Artistic Team - Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare!
Styling: Patricia Normann
Make up: Patricia Normann
Photography: Michel de Vries
Products: REDKEN
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