Inner Desire by Coiffeur-Team Rossi

Interesting short and long hairstyles
We are all driven by our desires. Our deepest, most inner desires are often unexpressed, but perhaps you can show the world a glimpse of yours with one of the very desirable hairstyles by Coiffeur Team Rossi.
The short and one long cuts feature disconnected elements, a variety of lengths and interesting activities with texture. The hair colors are dreamy and intense with deep, sultry reds, bright platinum, warm gold and a deep, glistening black. Which is your desire?

Long Hair with Playful Tips

Long and sleek red hair
Sleek is chic, but it is much more fun with a little movement and a playful element. Her over the shoulder long red hair displays its shiny beauty in long smooth lines. Elegant and with a strong infusion of sophisticated style it is a picture of sophistication.
But we need more than that. The desire to be playful shows in the tips which were curled over a hot iron together with one strand at the side of her face. The layers start at her shoulders and make it easy for the winding shapes to come out.

Variable Short Cut

Short hair with contemporary styling
If you like the quirky short haircuts sported by actress Lena Dunham, you will enjoy this look. Short and edgy with a soft and contemporary styling. A disconnected part reveals her ear and the long bangs are pushed to the side. All lines are defined and the hair was treated with a smoothing, modeling product to give it the undisrupted surface without any random hair activity.
Minimalism plays a big part in the effect and all unnecessary fluff was avoided. Her hair color is an unassuming dark blonde with very subtle highlights. The color does not compete with the cut and allows the shape to dominate.

Short Hair with Textured Bangs

Hair pushed behind the ear
We are used to seeing side parts and long fringes that are directed to the side of the head that is stronger, with the larger amount of hair. This look challenges out perception with a fringe styled to the small side.
In addition the hair on the less dominant side was pushed behind the ear, which adds another level of visual coolness to it. Dark blonde hair with a hint of copper and golden strands to lighten it all up it is a sweet look with subtle surprises.

Very Short Sides and Back

Hairstyle with very short sides and back
We have many facets and so should our hairstyles. This short style has a different look from each side. The front shows the wide and long fringe with its straight cutting line. The sides are so short that they are not visible from the front.
Once she turns her head the gorgeous texture of the short graduation and the undercut are revealed. Her back is velveteen smooth with a fine and distinguished edge. Platinum blonde is the perfect color for the fine understatement in this haircut, which is shaped to fit the shape of her head like a helmet.

Very Short Nape

Hairstyle with a very short nape section
Fringe heavy and with exciting details this is a refined look with a wee bit of a refreshing punk vibe and the chic of ballroom dancing hairstyles. The emphasis is on the fringe which dominates the frontal view. The sides are clipper cut to perfection and baby hair smoothness.
The very short neck hair slowly transitions to longer top hair and a little part is drawn in the "other" direction, across the top and not lengthwise. The androgynous touch is another plus.

Shimmery Curls

Short hair with shimmery gel styled curls
Hair like made in a Roman heaven. Her natural curls come to their full potential in this short cut with layers that keeps them light and able to curl up to their small and defined perfection.
Without any extra styling the hair would fall in a round shape, but she lifted up the sides with gel and modeled the fringe straight up. The result is a curly and delightful wedge shape, full of onyx shimmer.

Men's Cut with Corners

Clipper cut hair for men
A soft and almost liquid looking quiff gives his hair a stylish retro touch. This is balanced by the modern short sides. Clipper cut to almost stubbles the sides and the back underline his bad boy attitude.
A special element are the triangular corners from his temple down to his ears. Add a little facial hair and an earring to it and a new sexy look is born.
Hair: Coiffeur-Team Rossi