Photos of Haircuts for Short Hair (2)

Short haircuts have a lot of advantages. You can experiment endlessly and try out new looks by cutting or coloring your short hair slightly differently! Below is a nice selection of photos of hairstyles for women with short or very short hair.
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  • Liz Taylor look with short layered hair and large curls
  • Very short hairstyle with lift in the crown area
  • Sporty and easy to wear short haircut with bangs
  • Sophisticated short hairstyle with a long fringe
  • Short hairstyle with a smooth clipper cut nape
  • Short hairstyle with hair that covers the ears
  • Short razor cut hairstyle with elongated cutting lines
  • Very short haircut for women with platinum blond hair
  • Short haircut that fits the shape of the head
  • Short layered hairstyle with a long strand on one side
  • Plunging bob with different hair lengths and volume
  • Short bob with a graduated asymmetric cutting angle
  • Carefree short hairstyle that covers one eye
  • Trendy short hairstyle with hair that covers the ears
  • Short haircut with a graduated back that lengthens the neck
  • Short blunt bob with bangs and textured sides
  • Short bob haircut that frames the face
  • Red hair in a short cut with top hair that is spiked up
  • Short and airy hairstyle with lengthening towards the front
  • Short layered haircut with graduation in the back
  • Short blonde hair with increased length in the crown
  • Blonde A-line bob with textured ends and bangs
  • Bob with a millemeter short shaved undercut
  • Short haircut with point cut bangs and sleek styling
  • Short hairstyle with layers and a round shape
  • Short gamine hairstyle with precise cutting lines
  • Short hair with a round shape and eyelash length bangs
  • Pixie cut with a graduated back and a volumious crown
  • Stunning hairstyle with one long and one very short side
  • Angled lip length bob
  • Bowl cut with bold bangs
  • Short black hair with a blue sheen
  • Bob with side bangs
  • Blonde hair ith visible growth
  • Blonde pixie haircut with streaks
  • Pixie cut with messy styling
  • Short razored bob with bangs
  • Short bob with height on top of the head
  • Short haircut with half of the ears covered
  • more short hairstyles

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