Absolutely Stunning Bob Hairstyles

Stunning bobs
The bob has long been one of the most popular hairstyles around, largely thanks to the fact that it complements most face shapes and because it is such a versatile and easy to manage style.
The bob offers feminine length and shape, while the hair is still short enough for almost effortless styling time needed. You’ll also find that you use significantly less maintenance and products (shampoo, conditioner, treatment etc.) on a bob when compared to long hair. Even your monthly or bi-monthly visits to the salon to get your hair colored or highlighted should be considerably cheaper.
Layered just below the jaw line bob
Layered just below the jaw line bob. Hair by Clynol.
This model’s hair is cut into a layered bob that ends just below her jaw-bone. This specific version of the bob is great for heart shaped and oval shaped faces, as it draws attention to the silhouette of the face. The copper blonde base is interwoven with light blonde highlights and medium copper brown lowlights.
One length bob with straight cutting lines
One length bob with straight cutting lines. Hair by Contemporary Salons.
This futuristic version of the bob is a true piece of hairdressing art. The bob is a basic one length bob with exceptional attention to absolutely straight lines and perfect angles. A rich warm brown base hair color is used, infused with fine light copper and bright red highlights as well as dark brown lowlights.
Short layered bob with volume
Short layered bob with volume. Hair by Emma Steven.
Here we have a short layered bob that has been blow dried with excessive volume to produce this glossy magazine chic look. The full straight fringe connects with a beautiful curve to the wispy sides, creating an artistic frame for the model’s face. Her very light blonde base color showcases the cut flawlessly.
Asymmetrical bob with one side curling inwards
Asymmetrical bob with one side curling inwards. Hair by Indola.
This unique bob signifies both grace and creativity. The model’s hair is cut into an asymmetrical bob, with the short side curling inwards just below her jaw bone and the wispy long side just below the shoulder. The natural light copper brown base color shows off the perfect cut faultlessly.
Short layered bob with a long fringe
Short layered bob with a long fringe. Hair by Jean Claude Aubry.
This is a short and slightly layered bob with a full and long fringe. The warm, medium brown based hair has been thinned out marginally along the tips to achieve more movement and texture, while mousse and the natural wave of the model’s hair have been used for that chic messy look.
Feminine bob hairstyle with layers
Feminine bob hairstyle with layers. Hair by Jean-Michel Faretra.
Here we have an unmistakable designer hairdresser style. The initially cut weight line and outline of the hairstyle boasts perfectly straight lines and flawless angles, while the layers of the bob have been created with razor blades for that wispy, feminine look. Note how well the style complements her jaw bones and the silhouette of her face.
Short one length bob with bangs
Short one length bob with bangs. Hair by Klaus Peter Ochs.
This model’s hair is cut into a superbly calculated short, one length bob. The long and full bangs connect to the sides in perfectly swift angles, giving the hairstyle an ultra modern, almost androgynous look. A stab of platinum blonde pierces the perfect canvas of the rich dark brown, adding some color movement.
Bob haircut with upward angled sides
Bob haircut with upward angled sides. Hair by Marc Antoni.
This is a very interesting bob where the stylist elected to cut the sides marginally shorter than the back. This effect has been exaggerated by blow drying the sides into upward angled waves. The neutral dark brown base color displays the cut and style perfectly while also complementing the model’s pale skin.