Wendy by John Beerens Haarstudio

Spiked hair
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It is all in the bangs! Looking at Wendy, it is fascinating to see how the styling of the bangs can change the vibe of a hairstyle. Bright red and with a sassy, punky attitude, Wendy is ready to stir things up around her!
John Beerens Haarstudio once again shows their creative genius and quality standards with this look.

Short and Jagged Hair

Short punky hairstyle with jagged hair
The neck is longer than the bangs in this haircut! Actually, most of the hair is longer than the bangs. This gives an interesting edge to the sassy, punky look. Once the lengths were established, the hair was layered throughout and given a thorough treatment with a razor to texture the tips.
Irregular lengths that are wispy and spiky, but always with a soft appearance. A clear, tapered line frames her face from the side and the short fringe is just super adorable in its slight diagonal styling and jagged look.

Spiked Up Hair

Short haircut with spiked up hair
With a new styling the short bangs on this fun and funky haircut don't even seem so short anymore. Their length is not hidden in the diagonal line they were combed in. An indication of a side part is the starting point for the hair to move to both sides.
The top hair is spiked up, and the long sides and neck sections are facing downward. Wispy and happy in its disposition this style is created with the help of mousse and finger-styling.
Hair: Team John Beerens Haarstudio - Tilburg
Photography: Paul Bekkers
Make-Up: Pupa
Products: Alter Ego Italia
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