Fashion Haircuts for Short Hair (18)

Bored of your current hairstyle? Looking for change? Change is good! Step out of your comfort zone and dare to be brave. Go for the chop and stand out from the crowd with awesome short hair. Say yes to short hair and get inspired by these short hairstyles for women!
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  • Short hair that was scrunched with the fingers
  • Pixie cut with a very short graduated neck and a longer front
  • Very short bob for brown hair with blue streaks
  • Short lavender color hair with a shaved side
  • Hair with a very short neckline and brushed back styling
  • Short hairstyle with a V-shape nape and top hair that blouses out
  • Pixie cut with a long nape section and side bangs
  • Blond pixie haircut with choppy texture and spikes
  • Simple short haircut for platinum blond hair
  • Inverted bob with a very short buzzed nape
  • Jaw length hairdo that accentuates the neck and cheeks
  • Neckline length hairstyle with layers that flick out
  • Short above the collar and over the ears haircut for women
  • Very short bob that exposes the neckline
  • Very short hair with layers and spikes for women
  • Short haircut with hair that falls over one eye
  • Platinum blond hair cut short in the nape and around the ears
  • Short bob with layers and a lot of volume
  • Pixie cut with different shades of brown and side bangs
  • Sleek chin-level brunette bob with blunt bangs
  • Short hair with angled bangs and smooth lines
  • Blond hair cut into an assymetrical style with a plumb line
  • Pixie cut with bangs and a spiky texture
  • Choppy hairstyle with very short bangs
  • Smooth short hairstyle with sharp cutting lines
  • Brunette shimmering short hair with long bangs
  • Boyish short hairstyle with high bangs for women
  • Triangle shape hairstyle with a short nape
  • Choppy short haircut with wispy ends
  • more short hairstyles

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