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Saco Hair

Salon International 2010

Color makes the spirit thrive and the fashion world go round. Saco Hair uses much of it and continues to inspire with extreme hues and modern shapes.
  • black hair with a streak of blonde
  • curved fringe
  • daring hair color
  • special hair color for men
  • short and long hair combined
  • lavender color hair
  • turquoise hair
  • hair colored orange
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Minimalism in the haircut and eccentricity in the choice of color are a recipe that works, especially with the young crowd. Self expression is made easy with the changing tones of color from pastel to neon. Color is applied ther uniformly or in effectfull streaks.
All haircuts are similar in their nature for men and women. Both combine buzzed short sides and longer top hair, sleep or curly, which is styled in a variety of ways.
Hair: Saco Hair for Salon International
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