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Short hair with changing tones
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Color makes the spirit thrive, and the fashion world go round. Saco Hair uses much of it and continues to inspire with extreme hues and modern shapes.
Minimalism in the haircut and eccentricity in the choice of color are a recipe that works, especially with the young crowd. Self-expression is made easy with the changing tones of color from pastel to neon. Hair color is applied uniformly or in effect-full streaks.
All haircuts are similar in their nature for men and women. Both combine buzzed short sides and longer top hair, sleep or curly, which is styled in a variety of ways.

Blonde Flash

Short black hair with a streak of blonde
Black and round curves sit snug against her head and two sections are separated by a very low and straight partition. Smoothness is key for this flowing, yet very short haircut.
The literal highlight sits on the dominant side, at about center-crown. Here, a wide streak of blonde enlightens the black background and acts as a built-in fashion accessory.

Curve of a Fringe

Blonde pixie with a curved fringe
The radically textured short sides of the haircut find a smooth balance in the long, softly curved fringe that originates in its flowing motion at the back of the head. It is shaped in one grand motion that reaches below the eye, without covering it. A delicate beige blonde gives the pixie cut glamour.

Aqua over Purple

Short bob with daring hair colors
A very short bob with lots of classic elegance in its shape turns postmodern with a daring color treatment. The precision cut lines of the look are a fitting canvas for the wide streaks of a bright and deep aqua blue, set against a berry purple background.
Styled out of the face and tugged behind the ear, this look is elegant and edgy at the same time.


Special orange hair color for men
The front part of his curly male top appears as if illuminated by an otherworldly glow that he is facing. But the intense radiance comes from the hair itself which was treated with a heavily pigmented orange gold color that forms a sizzling and unusual contrast to his medium blonde and rather demure natural color. Sides are buzzed to ultimate shortness while the top hair has about 2 inches of thick curls.

Golden Arch

Men's cut with a combination of long and short hair
Cool lines with a juxtaposition of extremely short and long hair are what this modern club style is made of. Stubbly short sides are countered by a sweeping long top section that seems to flow in one large curve from the fringe to the graduated back. A yellow-gold color effect in front adds drama and eye-candy.

Lavender Love

Very short haircut with a lavender hair color
A haircut that is as edgy as can be with a velvet short side and a veil of long hair on the dominant side of the low side parting. It is a genial step to combine this intense cut with a hair color as soft and romantic as a powdery lavender. Thus, minimalism with maximum expression is achieved.

Turquoise is Cosmic

Turquoise hair coloring
Infused with a Caribbean beach turquoise this haircut takes on an almost spiritual quality. It is a statement, an expression of a different way of living and thinking that just has to be embraced. Sides are still short but show off more texture than the previous cut.
The neck is smoothly graduated and on the large side of the distinct side part the hair just falls down sleek and straight.

Abstract Shadings

Hair colored orange
Cubist expression in hair is not new, but never ceases to fascinate. The round shape was cut in a blunt line which is gently curved before it is interrupted by a gaping wedge on the left temple.
At the second glance we also discover the unique and breathtaking hair coloring. A thin layer of golden orange was dyed right on top of a solid bright red core, like a thin skin.
Hair: Saco Hair for Salon International
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