Retrospective by Maurice den Exter

Trendy hair with a retro touch
Extreme attention to detail and only the sharpest, finest tools were used to create this stunning collection. Maurice den Exter created a line of modern hairstyles for Farouk Systems Europe that comes with a trendy retro touch, but is contemporary in its expression.
Even better, the cuts are tailored with so much perfection that they can be modified with a variety of styling techniques to reinvent them every day. In their sleek versions they are elegant and striking in their minimalism.
Added movement, glamorous curls and swinging waves take them to the land of modern divas with supreme extravagance.

Form Fitting with Options

Short form fitting haircut with a smooth surface
Dynamic short hairstyle
The fringe is once again the star in this short haircut. It is the strongest and most visible element and cut with the finest texture to soften up the blunt and straight line that gently curves down below her temples to shape the daring little triangles in front of her ears.
Straight and styled to create the smoothest surface to reflect as much shine as possible, this model of flattering simplicity has an entirely other side to it as can be seen in the smaller image below. The geometric lines are broken up and turned into dynamic waves with much momentum. The direction is from one side to the other and the bold fringe has turned playful and soft.

Precision Cut in Gold

Short haircut with a cropped nack and volume
Short hair with glamour styling
A little volume in the back makes this short rounded haircut pop out and gives it this unique symmetry in the side view. To balance it a sharp triangle was cut in front of her ear, which takes the eye to her beautiful cheekbones. The neck is cropped short with clippers. Highlights in honey blonde are painted in with a small brush to give them the most natural and refined appearance.
In its sleek styling the hair resembles a helmet shape with incredible shine, but there is much more to this cut, as you can see right below. A little lift in the back and a new curve to the side in front transform the modern minimalism into a seductive and glamorous new version of it self.

Aubergine Short Cut Transformation

Smooth short haircut with clipper cut sides and neck
Short hair with a lifted and curved crown
As smooth as silk with a retro mushroom shape is only one side of this stunning aubergine colored haircut. Clipper cut sides and neck set the stage for the longer, smooth top hair which is what we can play with to change the simple elegance into a ravishing expression of passion for fashion.
Go for the wave and make it big! The top hair was lifted and curved on one side and pulled into the face on the other. What a feast for the eyes! Color and styling could not be more daring and alluring.

The Unlimited Bob

Bob cut with a deep side fringe
Bob with the ends turned outwards in curls
Look what can happen to a chic little bob with all of its classic lines! Some hot air and the right tools transform this elegant classic from demure to breathtaking. The ends are all turned outward and shaped to bouncing curls while the main section around the head remains smooth and sleek.
All of the movement is in the tips, building volume and irresistible glamour and charm. Her hair color is a warm honey blonde with fine highlights for a silky, luxurious shine. The deep side fringe adds drama and mystery.
Hairstyles: Maurice den Exter for Farouk Systems Europe