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New Romantic

Filippo Sepe

  • short haircut and a slender neck
  • punky look with extensions
  • textured bob
  • bob with tendrils
  • short hair with curls piling up
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Romance comes in many ways and Filippo Sepe makes it look especially good. His collection "New Romantic" ads a modern and creative twist on the theme and also introduces new textures into the genre, which has been dominated by long, sweeping lines and sugarcoated colors.
Sepe takes romance to our century and gives you the looks to attract it and to celebrate it looking stunning, edgy and modern. Short, textured haircuts display a new sensual power, enhanced with rich and warm colors. The platinum league sparkles with curly volume, but also a lot of textural surprises and a play on lengths.
Creativity and skill are met by a strong vision and the knowledge of what women really want. Thank you, Filippo!
Hair: Filippo Sepe
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