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Sweet 'N Raw

Richard Jordan for Farouk Systems Europe

  • punky pink hair
  • black shoulder length bob
  • metallic hair coloring
  • rose hair coloring
  • hair styled to the back
  • blue hair coloring
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The title sounds as primal as the collection's visuals hit us. In a deep and profound way. Sweet describes the pastel color theme with the soft pink hues, incredible iridescent blue metallics and a soft coal black. The shapes are on the other spectrum of sensations. They are rough, direct and bold with no sugar coating.
Heavy textures and reduction of design for maximum effect, avoiding unnecessary embellishments. The cuts are rugged, adventurous and inescapable in their haunting quality. Each cut is shown in two different stylings that explore the numerous possibilities there are for those who want a haircut that they can adjust to another expression and mood every day.
Hairstyles: Richard Jordan for Farouk Systems Europe
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