Sweet 'N Raw

Richard Jordan for Farouk Systems Europe

Pastel hair colors
The title sounds as primal as the collection's visuals hit us. In a deep and profound way. Sweet describes the pastel color theme with the soft pink hues, incredible iridescent blue metallics and a soft coal black. The shapes are on the other spectrum of sensations. They are rough, direct and bold with no sugar coating.
Heavy textures and reduction of design for maximum effect, avoiding unnecessary embellishments. The cuts are rugged, adventurous and inescapable in their haunting quality. Each cut is shown in two different stylings that explore the numerous possibilities there are for those who want a haircut that they can adjust to another expression and mood every day.

Pink Pleasure

Short and punky pink hair
Pixie cut with rose hair coloring
A little rough around the edges in the cut, but sweet as honey with the rose color. A short hair look made to be seen and to stand out. Literally, if you lift up the hair and turn the layered hair upwards with the help of some texture putty. The new molding creams are preferable to gel since they do not harden and leave the hair manageable through the day.
The hairstyle can easily be freshened up with a mist of water and some kneading. The punky version is just one of the many styling alternatives there are. Check out the one with the hair drawn towards the face. A smooth surface on top is nicely contrasted by more wispy texture on the back.

Hot Charcoal

Shoulder length bob cut for black hair
Hair styled to the back and out of the face
Blunt and bold in all of its aspects, this long bob cut for black hair does not tiptoe around. It makes a statement and its very nature of cut and color reaches under your skin and goes straight to the core. This version with heavy bangs and shoulder long, straight hair with a blunt line and some fine texture in the tips is very close to the classic idea of a bob.
But take a look at the styling alternative! The hair is all taken out of the face and, with much volume underneath, taken to the back. The lines are still graphical and straight with dangerously sharp tips, but the expression could not be more different!

Blue Moonlight in a Short Haircut

Trendy short haircut with metallic and blue hair coloring
Short hair with a play of blue and metallic colors
Silver and blue metallic hues put a cool spin on the trendy short cut. The top hair is a few inches in length to give it this satiny, heavy and luscious texture and fall. Sides and back are cropped short. The combination opens up a cornucopia of fun options.
Style it out or into the face, from left to right or vice versa. There is no right and not wrong and all looks good, especially with this out of the world shimmer and the iridescent play of hair colors.
Hairstyles: Richard Jordan for Farouk Systems Europe