Pics of Short Fashion Haircuts (12)

Do you like wearing the latest fashion or are you a trendsetter? Then you should try a supercute pixie cut or a stunning short bob. Below are some hair ideas to get you started. Cool hairstyles that will help you make the transition to short hair.
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  • Sculptural hairstyle with long and very short sections
  • Classic bob haircut with bangs and a longer back
  • Short in the neck hairstyle that reveals the ears for women
  • Pixie cut with sideburns and styled with gel
  • Clean short hairstyle with rounded corners that accentuates the face
  • Short Gothic inspired hairstyle with long bangs
  • Trendy short hair with an eye-catching hair color
  • Classic bob haircut with ends that flip out and jagged bangs
  • Chin length bob with box layers and a fringe that blends in with the sides
  • Short tapered bob with a rounded shape and styled for shine
  • Classic short bob with a shorter neck section and full bangs
  • Fashionable short hairstyle with the ears barely covered
  • Razor-cut pixie hairstyle with tapered layers and point cut bangs
  • Pixie cut with choppy layers and bulk on top of the head
  • Trendy short haircut with most of the hair styled forward
  • Striking short hairstyle with sculpted bangs
  • False short hairstyle with balayage highlights
  • Same length bob with textured ends and volume
  • Classy blonde bob with an angled cutting line and light bangs
  • Classic blonde bob with texture and styling for volume
  • Elegant short crop that enhances the shape of the head
  • Short blonde hair shaped to a wedge for a Grace Jones look
  • Short coppery hair with sharp angles and a pointed neckline
  • Women's haircut with short clipper cut sides and longer top hair
  • Feathery short hairstyle with eye-long bangs and a soft neckline
  • Hair cut to enhance the slender line of the neck
  • Tapered pixie cut with textured tips an a quiff
  • Sporty pixie cut with lift and height at the back
  • Short layered bob with wispy bangs and tendrils that frame the face
  • more short hairstyles

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