Myth by Mič Styling Academy

High quality 90s hairstyles
The new collection by Mič Styling Academy builds a bridge from the past to the future. After 17 years of being in business their hair designers reminisced about their early beginnings and the styles that were in high demand in the early 90s.
High quality cuts with a perfectionist approach, natural colors and luxurious stylings are perpetuated and adjusted to modern wants and needs. Their signature quality, inventive designs and creative continuity made the Slovenian company a name to be reckoned with.
A mythical success story and the myth of beauty is captured in ten hairstyles from sassy short cuts to extravagant long looks with some extra surprises.

Textured Bob

Easy to wear bob cut with a youthful appearance
Flawless from root to tip. A bob is one of the most easy to wear and most flattering hairstyles, a true icon that looks great with any face shape and it can be custom designed to fit each personality. Crisp cut or with some texture, as seen here. The cutting line is textured and has some very light layers for a beveled edge, which makes the shape rounder.
The bangs are thick and straight. Even more texture is right around the sides of the face to give it a softer and very youthful appearance. The beige blond works great with the gentleness of the cut.

Modern Page Boy Cut

Short hair cut with an elongated neckline
Modern short hairstyle with a short fringe
An elongated neckline is finely graduated and makes a great addition to the very pointy and sharp sides. The short straight fringe lets her eyes sparkle and brings attention to her exquisitely shaped eyebrows.
The cutting line is softened with the tip of the scissors and layered just in the very ends for a soft, rounded fall of the hair. A great style to showcase your face!

Short Round Cut with Swing

Short and simple round haircut with swing
Pretty haircut with a long fringe
Keep it simple and show your best side with an understated haircut that fits as well as this pretty creation. A softened cutting line and plenty of texture in the tips make it especially flattering. The fringe is long and part of the beautiful roundness that encircles her head.
This sleek style can be worn with strict lines, but looks very cheerful with the strands just a little bit messed up. A natural, warm brown goes with the grounded and earthy character of this look.

Face Framing Short Cut

Short smooth and flawless hair that hugs the face
Styling includes more than just hair. The beautifully shaped eyebrows, her distinct yet subtle eye make up and the light color on the lips are all part of the beauty. Her cut hugs her face with perfectly cut lines and a gorgeous, softening texture, which also gives the page boy version its contemporary edge.
The hair was combed from the center of the crown with the addition of some smoothing serum to give it such a flawless fit and smooth surface. A warm brown is the base color and the fine highlights in the very top layer stand out tremendously against the slightly darker edges.

Natural Curls

Short hairstyle with curls that covers half of the ear
Charming short hairstyle with curls
Short curls are always among the most charming hairstyles. This head of curly wonder is shaped meticulously by adding some layering into the hair, but only around the edges and in the neck, which has a darling wedge shape resulting from it.
A long fringe, with playful movement of the defined curls and sides that cover half of the ear complete the picture of this rather androgynous look. Use a little gel in some places around the top, spare the neck, to make the curls stand out more and to add more texture.

Thick and Long Layers

Hairstyle with tapered sides for thick and long hair
What an amazing look for thick and long hair! Lavish layers lighted the load and add a breathtaking shape to this out of the world hairstyle. A retro style with tapered sides was pushed to the extreme by exaggerating the lines and the size of the layers. Thick, luscious volume is the result and a long, face framing fringe, which determines the length of the upper level.
The top is blown out over a thick round brush to get the full effect and the lower part just floats casually over her shoulders. Wheat blonde hair color and a dark red lipstick are a match made in fashion heaven!

Long, Longer, Longest

Long hair with curved inward ends that reaches the waist
This style uses a long hair power cut that was popular more than a decade ago and gives it a new face with even longer layers underneath the round face framing shape. It just goes on and on. A cut like this makes it easy and very attractive to wear very long hair, which in this case reaches her waist.
The ends are textured for a light and playful appeal and were curved inward for a truly mythical form. Just a few fine highlights illuminate the earthy, brown color of the hair around the face.

Bun Ahead

Long hairstyle with the fringe rolled into a bun above the forehead
Tired of the same old fringe? Roll your long tresses into a bun right above the forehead. The location of the bagel shaped creation is what makes it so unusual. Since only a part of the hair is used to create the radical roll, a foam insert was used to give it enough volume. The rest of the hair flows simply down and was draped over her shoulder while giving it just one little twist.
This look features more color effect than the previous ones with lightened ends and striking highlights along the frontal length.

Rolled Up Quiff

Updo with a roll of hair that adorns the forehead and crown
She could probably hide a kitten in this outrageous roll of hair that adorns her forehead and crown. But no animals were harmed in its creation and a foam insert was used instead. The hair was parted in a jagged line and then rolled over, around and under for a truly extravagant experience.
The sides are more humble in their nature and just follow their own natural flow, which is enhanced with a curling iron on one side. Light blonde accents make the walnut brown color sparkle.

Cornrows and Curls

Updo with cornrow braids and curls
A potpourri of styles and it works so well! African inspired cornrows on one side meet a 90s trend look for long hair and all comes together for a cascade of curls over one shoulder. A beautiful variation and contrast. Bo Derek meets Dynasty and they are having a party!
You may need some help for the fine, braided rows, but they do last a long time and the compliments will make it all worth the effort.
Hair: Mič Styling Academy
Styling: Nina Jagodic
Make-up: Špela Ema Veble
Products: Paul Michell
Photography: Mimi Antolovič