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Myth 2014

Mič Styling Academy

  • easy to wear bob cut
  • short cut with an elongated neckline
  • short and round haircut
  • short and smooth hair
  • curly hair that covers half of the ears
  • long hair with tapered sides
  • waist length hair
  • bun above the forehead
  • updo with a roll of hair
  • cornrow braids and curls
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The new collection by Mič Styling Academy builds a bridge from the past to the future. After 17 years of being in business their hair designers reminisced about their early beginnings and the styles that were in high demand in the early 90s.
High quality cuts with a perfectionist approach, natural colors and luxurious stylings are perpetuated and adjusted to modern wants and needs. Their signature quality, inventive designs and creative continuity made the Slovenian company a name to be reckoned with. A mythical success story and the myth of beauty is captured in ten hairstyles from sassy short cuts to extravagant long looks with some extra surprises.
Hair: Mič Styling Academy
Styling: Nina Jagodic
Make-up: Špela Ema Veble
Products: Paul Michell
Photography: Mimi Antolovič