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Classic Chic

Roland Strasser Creative Team Hairstyles

The Philosophy:
We don't create trends - people make the trends!
The Character:
Main feature of the collection are accurate geometric contours that are framing the face in a distinctive and yet soft manner. Bangs cut with finesse support the symmetry of the hairstyles.
Classic Chic stands for strength, extravagance and Beauty de Luxe - exciting looks that are advancing to an everyday eyecatcher.
  • precision haircut
  • hair cut short in the neck
  • simple elegant hairstyle
  • Mireille Matthieu look
  • pure bob
  • super straight bob
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The Styling:
That variations are versatile - the effect is clear. The hairstyles captivate with straight and also structured visuals - the looks are indescribably feminine, sophisticated and fall into shape all by themselves.
Whether business-like or sexy - each styling conveys classical elegance mixed with a good dose of provocation.
Hair: Roland Strasser Creative Team
Make-up: Peter Schindler
Photography: Oliver Ottenschl├Ąger
Outfit: Niko Fechter
Design: Angela Tesar