Poetry by Raffel Pages

Hairstyles with bangs
Poets, by their true nature, live outside of the conventional realm. They are the questioners, dreamers and creators, discovering and following the secret rhythm of their own souls. Byron, Shelley, Schiller and all the others have made us dream and find access to the world behind the visually perceivable.
In his collection "Poetry", Raffel Pages used this inspiration to create a series of hairstyles, which express this radical and often revolutionary spirit of the great thinkers. These looks stand out through their creative bangs, eccentric shapes and the romantic aura that accompanies each one of them.
As the theme suggests, the hair colors are deep and natural with a few intriguing nuances.

Poetic Bangs

Short hair and bangs with textured tips
Short above the ears hairstyle - Side profile
Bangs are in focus like never before and today they come in the most creative shapes. The revolutionary spirit of this short haircut sits especially in each one of the longer, textured tips of this astonishing fringe. It is truly the key element of this hairstyle, as the rest of the hair holds back with a short length and a neat fit.
The body of the hair is layered, which provides more texture and soft movement. The widest part is a couple of inches above her ears and was created by the cut and also the styling with a small round brush. The soft and easy going brown is not the flashiest color in the world, but it also does not distract from the character of the cut.

Sleek Neck and High Volume

Short hairstyle with a sleek neck zone
With her gorgeous neck tie as the perfect accessory this unusual short cut takes on a 19th century flair. It oozes poetry and is as inspiring as it is romantic in a very androgynous way, as if it just jumped out of one of Oscar Wilde's works.
The face is framed by one curved line, which runs from the low part of her neck all the way across. To soften it up, small jagged texture was cut into the edge. The hair was styled over a round brush, which brings the volume to such an amazing, rounded shape.

Triangle of Curls

Short wedge shape hair with curls
The wedge shape creates an almost vertical line on top. The hair is cut in reversed layers with the shortest on her neck and a steady as well as smooth elongation towards the top. The triangular shape is filled with lively brown curls.
A dark brown base color is already precious, but it has to share the stage with a lighter color around the fringe, which is composed of thick and unconnected strands.

Pinstripes and Lace

Long unruly hair
The teased texture of her long hair reminds of the finest lace and comes with an abundance of Victorian age romance. Purposely unruly and flowing in wide and narrow diameters this hairstyle is made to express an unconventional, free thinking spirit.
A little goth with a pinch of steampunk and an intricate pattern of dark golden and light blonde, a hairstyle with its own energy. Present your bohemian best and don't forget the pin stripe jacket as a great masculine contrast to the feminine form of the hair.

Polished Waves

Sleek hair and curls combined
Unbelievable volume with curls that are so beautiful they tingle the spine all the way to its core. A mane right out of a poetry book with a clear outline and gorgeous asymmetry. The smaller side features an upper sleek section with is treated with some hair wax and pulled around the ear.
Layers don't come into play until the lower third to control the volume into a wedge shape. This is poetic romance with fiery determination! Made to tease and to seduce with mystery and sheer beauty.

Debonaire in Blonde

Mens hair with a deep fringe
The deep fringe makes one eye almost disappear, but intensifies the knee buckling effect of the other. His short style is full of texture and it even partially covers the ears. Boyish and bohemian from root to tip this hairstyle will not let him walk around unnoticed.
His hair color is a soft dark blonde with gentle highlights. Styling is sleek and straight with the exception of the curve in his bangs.
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