Short and Very Short Women's Hairstyles (39)

Despite the rising popularity of pixies and bobs, many women are still hesitant to cut their own locks. Don't let fear hold you back and consider the benefits of short or supershort hair. Here are some short hairstyle ideas to inspire your next hair salon visit.
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  • Very asymmetric hairstyle with hair that flows over one eye
  • Ear length bob haircut with straight cutting line
  • Blunt cut bob with exposed ears and a tapered neck section
  • Very short around the ears hairstyle for women
  • Red hair cut short around the ears and in the back
  • Extravagant blonde hair tucked behind the ears
  • Short bob cut for shiny ink black hair
  • Short hairstyle for a modernized Cleopatra look
  • Short hair with sleek wet look styling
  • Short bob with straight bangs and large waves
  • Short hairstyle with round lines and tapering around the face
  • Women's haircut with a shaved nape section
  • Blonde pixie cut with very short sides and asymmetrical bangs
  • Blonde bob with tapered bangs and a second hair color
  • Bob styled for a just out of bed look
  • Modern bob with choppy cutting lines and volume
  • Chin length bob with rounded edges and jagged bangs
  • Female wet look hairstyle with combed back hair
  • Short round haircut with unique bangs and a textured cutting line
  • Stylish short hair to wear with a little black dress
  • Tapered just below the chin bob that curves into the face
  • Carefree short hairstyle with a free spirited flair and wispy tips
  • Short and easy summer hairstyle with a high nape
  • Short summer hairstyle with extra length on top
  • Just below the chin bob with bangs for summer
  • Short layered hairstyle with a combination of three hair colors
  • Short hair with much texture and styling for an undone look
  • Very short helmet shape hair with high bangs
  • Short hairstyle with very short bangs and ruffled finger styling
  • more short hairstyles

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