Short and Very Short Women's Hairstyles (39)

Despite the rising popularity of pixies and bobs, many women are still hesitant to cut their own locks. Don't let fear hold you back and consider the benefits of short or super short hair. Here are some short hairstyle ideas to inspire your next hair salon visit.
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  • very asymmetric hairstyle
  • ear length bob haircut
  • bob with exposed ears
  • white blouse and very short hair
  • short red hair and sunglasses
  • hair tucked behind the ears
  • ink black hair
  • Cleopatra look
  • wet look for short hair
  • bob with large waves
  • haircut with round lines
  • clipper cut nape
  • pixie
  • tapered bangs
  • trendy bob
  • choppy bob cut
  • choppy short hair
  • wet look
  • sleek round cut
  • stylish short hair
  • tapered bob
  • carefree short hair
  • easy summer hairstyle
  • sexy short hair
  • versatile summer bob
  • adorable short hairdo
  • undone look for short hair
  • helmet shape haircut
  • short and wispy hair
  • more short hairstyles

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