Constructivist by Sassoon

New hairstyles
Cut and color are in perfect harmony in this collection by Sassoon. Minimal modernism with full focus on the shape of the cut and the depth of color has been seen on the catwalk and thanks to Sassoon has now entered the salons.
A movement in art at the beginning of the 20th century gave its name to this new line of hairstyles. Just as the abstract constructivists then, Sassoon searched for purity of shape and the ultimate symbiosis of geometry and color. An endeavor that was always part of the Sassoon philosophy.
Cool and warm hair colors invigorate the elegant cuts with their rich hues and color combinations that also include pastels and iridescent platinum.

Short Helmet Shape Hair

Short helmet shape haircut
Short hairstyle with a high fringe
Her copper helmet cut is as soft as silk and smooths itself around the shape of her head as if poured on. The hair is cut to perfection with ultra fine graduation and just minimal texture to soften the clean lines of the edges around her face. The fringe sits high and turns into a sharp corner on its sides, which leads to small sideburns that also have a matching straight edge.
Her hair color is a warm copper with fine highlighted sprinkles of light. The coolness of geometry meets the heat of color. One outstanding feature is that the color of her eyebrows matches her hair for complete harmony of composition.

Short and Wispy

Short ruffled hair with a very short fringe
The power of color is evident with the perfect harmony of her hair, her eyes and even her brows. All matches and it is not a coincidence but the realization of artistic vision. The short hair is graduated and cut for a high level of versatility.
It can be worn sleek and silky or in this rebellious, joyful wildness. The very short fringe is disrupted for a casual look and the top hair is ruffled with the fingers to display an uplifting play of wispy strands. Only the sides and the back keep calm with their smooth styling.

Abstract Bob

Short bob with dynamic styling
Bob cut for dark red hair
In abstract art objects are reduced to their very core and deep structure to show their true essence. Stripped of unnecessary embellishments this bob gains a sculptural momentum. Minimalist in cut but full of dynamic in the styling and brought to live with the richness of the dark red color.
The cut also convinces with its curved part that extends its curve uninterrupted into the shape of the long fringe. The spectacular finish of the hairstyle is the fine but jagged texture along the cutting line.

Pastel on Blonde

Blonde hair with streaks in different colors
Ear length hair
Lilac, berry and baby blue bring an outer worldly drama to the platinum highlighted, light blonde hairstyle. Streaks in all of these amazing hues alternate and promote the strong movement of the short hair.
The cut is at ear length with a massive fringe that covers one eye. All is in perpetual motion of elegance on a higher vibrational level. With the few lines, the minimal use of volume, lines and velocity this look displays the most possible chic with the least amount of elements.

Let There be Curls

Short purple hair with curls
This extravagant bundle of curls is a sight to see. In comes the color and the effect surpasses the wildest hair dreams. Purple that is so dark that it looks black is accompanied by well placed accents in a lighter tone, which draw focus to her curly fringe and of course her eyes.
The well defined roundness of the curls froths up to high volume and layers give it the rounded shape. The curls are separated into thin swirls to make the short hair look this light and playful.
Hair: Sassoon