Jean Vallon - SS09

Blonde hair styles with movement
Jean Vallon sets the trend with smooth and choppy blonde tresses that edge into a sharp bluntness with a scattered sail of a flighty appeal.
The sharp directness of linear structured hair commands extreme perfection through the lure of dazzling platinum tones, as the eye can see every movement involved in the hairstyle.

Helmet Look

Haircut midway along the back resembling a helmet
Precision has the ability of capturing momentum, because the strength it characterizes is from the artist.
Jean Vallon develops an extreme blunt edge resembling a helmet that covers the eyebrows and works around the side and midway along the back. There is a decorative stray catch of hair resembling a carefree ribbon that is combed over the edging.

Blunt Cut Bangs

Long blonde hair with blunt bangs
The model holds our attention as we concentrate on the indelibly blunt clipped bangs around her eyes.
Hair spears lie against her face and then, her blonde hair blossoms into clouds of layers bedecked around her shoulders and into the air, leaving the observer totally speechless.

Tucked Behind the Ears

Blonde style with the hair tucked behind the ears
As if a gentle breeze took hold of the blonde hair, the top is scaled into an artist's sketch of rhapsody of movement.
The conductor in charge glides the hairstyle into form and down into a vivid edge that cuffs around the collar and that is tucked behind the ears.
Hairstyles: Jean Vallon