Short Hair Magazine Pictures (63)

Feeling hair fatigue? Maybe you are ready for a short hairstyle. Short hair is a big step but it can improve your overall look tremendously. Most women think long and hard before they decide to go short. Here are some amazing short hair ideas for various types of hair. Browse down to read more about them.
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  • Short bob with an elongated forelock and hair color effects
  • Short blonde bob with a side part and clean edges
  • Short razor-cut shag with an outward bend and heavy bangs
  • Gamine short hairstyle with forward styling
  • Short hairstyle with large curls and a trapeze shape
  • Short hair with diagonal styling and breathtaking colors
  • Short red hair with rounded bangs and spikes
  • Easy to manage short hair for women
  • Short hair with deliberately messed and tousled styling
  • Hairstyle with tomboy short sides and longer curled top hair
  • Short haircut with two color jagged bangs
  • Short cap-style haircut with a cut out corner in the bangs
  • Short hairstyle with an undercut and winged sides
  • Retro 1960s inspired short haircut with a round shape
  • Short black hair with roundness and a snug fitting neckline
  • Messy short hairstyle with the hair styled from back to front
  • Short hair styled to the back to open up the face
  • Short face framing hairstyle with curved sides and finger combing
  • Sleek short hair styled from back to front
  • Very short red hair with thick curls
  • Short red hair with root lift and backward styling
  • Short red hair with long bangs and snug sides
  • Layered short hair with textured lengths and smoothed sides
  • Super short women's haircut with a cropped neck section
  • Short hairstyle with layers, diagonal bangs and blonde hues
  • Low maintenance short hairstyle with chiseled sides and bangs
  • Glamour styling with slicked back sides for short hair
  • Short hair with precise cutting lines and wild styling
  • Military short haircut for women - Regulation cut
  • more short hairstyles

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