Designs for Short Hair (64)

Opting for short hair requires both confidence and commitment. Changing your hairstyle is fun, especially if you have never seen yourself with really short hair. Scroll down for beautiful hairstyles that will make you fall in love with short hair!
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  • Short back-angled bob with irregular cutting lines
  • Choppy short hairstyle with super short bangs
  • Short platinum blonde bob that follows the shape of the face
  • Vintage 1960s chin length bob with roller set curls
  • Haircut with short buzzed sides and a long forelock
  • Short hairstyle with a light and airy appeal
  • Sleek mid-ear length hairstyle with a half sphere shape
  • Short hairdo with fine layering and small curls
  • Short blonde hair with sharp angles and very short bangs
  • Dramatic style for short black hair with a lilac color splash
  • Short and sleek black hair with purple bangs
  • Short geometric haircut with a curve around the ear
  • Short blonde hair with smooth and rough sections
  • Futuristic asymmetrical chin length bob for purple hair
  • Modern short haircut with pointed sides and diagonal bangs
  • Pixie cut with two tone hair coloring
  • Everyday pixie cut with heavy bangs to wear to the office
  • Shaggy blonde pixie haircut with asymmetrical bangs
  • Short haircut with a sculpted contour and light asymmetry
  • Short hairdo with a graduated neck section and a long fringe
  • Above the ears hairstyle with thick curls
  • Blonde mushroom cut with a blunt horizontal line
  • Short hair with a graduated neck and a long flowing fringe
  • Classic chin length bob with thick bangs and curved sides
  • Pixie cut with longer cutting lines and diagonal bangs
  • Easy short hairstyle with smooth layers and textured tips
  • Short and sleek brown hair with pointed sides
  • Emo style with spiking and ruffling for silver hair
  • Short blonde hair with curls and a green shade
  • more short hairstyles

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