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Tracey Hughes @ Mieka Hairdressing

An introduction to a new discovery in hair fashion "The shapes display the simplicity of classic lines. Technically executed haircuts are complimented by bold but beautiful colours. A startling confession of the sexy feminine modern woman of today" "REVELATION": A TIMELESS MASTERPIECE.
  • modern hairstyle
  • modern hairstyle
  • modern hairstyle
  • modern hairstyle
  • modern hairstyle
  • modern hairstyle
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Subtle influences from the 40s and the 60s.
The return of the classic bob and geometric shapes; Curls are big and voluptuous, soft and sexy; Classic styling including victory rolls and finger waves; Colours soft but bold with lots of shine. Blondes will be shades of pinks, strawberries, mushrooms and vanillas. Be bold with strong shiny blood reds and raspberries.
For those wanting individual looks opt for petrol blues, earthy greens, midnight violets and stormy greys. Fashion will take its inspiration from three consecutive trends which will cross over to create a new direction for the coming seasons; the mods of the 60s, the corsetry of the 40s and the ethnic influences from the geishas. A "Revelation": by Tracey Hughes.
Hair Styling: Tracey Hughes
Colour: Emma Baker
Photography: Taras Mohamed
Make-Up: Nathalie Pallandre
Stylist: Ryan Lobo
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