Revelation by Tracey Hughes

Bold hair
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An introduction to a new discovery in hair fashion: The shapes display the simplicity of classic lines. Technically executed haircuts are complemented by bold but beautiful colors. A startling confession of the sexy feminine modern woman of today. 'REVELATION': A TIMELESS MASTERPIECE.
Subtle influences from the 40s and the 60s. The return of the classic bob and geometric shapes. Curls are big and voluptuous, soft and sexy. Classic styling including victory rolls and finger waves. Soft but bold hair colors with lots of shine. Blondes will be shades of pinks, strawberries, mushrooms, and vanillas. Be bold with strong, shiny blood reds and raspberries.
For those wanting individual looks, opt for petrol blues, earthy greens, midnight violets, and stormy grays. Fashion will take its inspiration from three consecutive trends which will cross over to create a new direction for the coming seasons: the mods of the 60s, the corsetry of the 40s, and the ethnic influences from the geishas. A 'Revelation' by Tracey Hughes.

Bowl-Shaped Bob Hairstyle

Bowl-shaped bob haircut
This bowl-shaped bob with an asymmetrical element on the left side is awash in a pale fuchsia with varied low-lighting. The hair is smoothly styled to maximize shine and retain mobility. The cut features a curving perimeter line that follows the brow line in an arcing curve and angles down to the midpoint of the ear.
Aside from the off-beat color and the asymmetrical elements, the haircut is a classic look that would be suited to most face shapes.

Combed over Fringe

Bob hairstyle suitable for high foreheads
The theme of smooth, sleek styling (with a touch of asymmetry) is repeated in this longer bob cut. The cut features a curved perimeter cut line with a deep angled parting and a fringe that is combed over to create a concealing veil which hangs to the lips.
The side behind the part is tucked neatly behind the ear, adding emphasis to the fringe and dominant side of the style. This gives a large, smooth canvas upon which is painted the finely drawn highlights in the rich, coppery auburn. This is a great hairstyle for those with high foreheads and other prominent facial features that want to be camouflaged or de-emphasized.

Short Shag Haircut

Short shag cut with the fringe styled smooth with an under-curl
Here we see a short shag cut with a smooth, heavy fringe line. The ends of the shag's layers are razor-cut and styled with an outward bend, while the fringe is cut on a gentle curve to follow the brow and styled smooth with a little under-curl.
The body of the hair is side-parted and swept across to create a bulk area across the top of the head. This cool blonde color features pale shades of wheat blonde, with subtle shifts of darker dishwater and neutral dark blonde as well. The hair color serves to emphasize the texture of the cut and style.

Partial Up-style

Partial up-style with tendrils draping the shoulders
This beautiful, partial up-style features a veil of wavy tendrils that drape the shoulders and frame the face. The rich dark chocolate brown of the hair is gathered in a soft halo and wound into an easy bun at the crown of the head. The look is "vintage" in essence, hearkening back to the late 19th century, but updated with the use of hair color and the tendrils as accents to the style.
This look can be achieved with almost every long haircut by gathering the hair into the loosely formed bun as seen, and using a tail comb to carefully select and release tendrils all around the face. The tendrils can be gently wound around the outside of a large barrel iron to give them the large soft waves as they fall down and around the face at random frequencies.

Bi-Chromatic Hairstyle

Bi-chromatic hairstyle tinted with a vibrant purple shade
This bi-chromatic hairstyle-turned-artwork is a short bob cut featuring a long fringe with a smoothly curved cutting line, a deep angle parting, and specifically targeted hair color application that is blended in the styling process rather than during color application.
It appears that the top section of the head and at least a one-inch strip along the foreground of the left side is tinted with a vibrant purple shade, while the rest of the side and back are a pearly, near-white. A light gathering of strands from the white sections is pulled across the parting to create highlights in the darker color for a slightly marbled effect or the sense of softly blended colors.

Mass of Beautiful Curls

Long Hair with a mass of beautiful curls
Before she was cursed by the gods of Olympus, Medusa must have looked something like this. Cool tones of blonde in various shades define the beautiful mass of curls on this model's head. The long layered cut features a long fringe and an obscured parting on the right side.
The choppy layers are emphasized by the cleanly shaped and randomized curls of varying sizes all over the head. This look is achievable through the use of styling products and at least two curling irons of different sizes. Once the curls are created and set, use pomade on the fingers to smooth away frizz at the scalp area and scrunch away any diffusion of the curls.
Hair Styling: Tracey Hughes @ Mieka Hairdressing
Colour: Emma Baker
Photography: Taras Mohamed
Makeup: Nathalie Pallandre
Stylist: Ryan Lobo
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